Scouting Report: 7-on-7 Caleb Hanie Eval

Sticking with the QB theme, we turn our attention to Forney's <b>Caleb Hanie</b>. Like Tulane verbal <b>Scott Elliott</b>, Hanie also opted for an early commitment. He'll become a Colorado State Ram and after observing this kid's weekend performance, <b>Sonny Lubick</b> and his staff have to be tickled pink.

"They like the bigger guys at quarterback and I just like their program," said Hanie, a very physical-looking specimen, about his decision to pick CSU.

Hanie goes about 6-2/6-2.5 and carries a solid 225/230 pounds. Durability questions don't exist with this tank.

Despite the Texas prep looking like a linebacker/tight end more so than a quarterback, when you see him throw, you know he can get the job done as a signal caller.

Hanie's probably got 60/65-yard capabilities...has a strong arm. Showed both zip and touch on his throws depending on what the situation called for.

Kid also makes solid decisions with the ball as he found the open man with regularity.

Surprisingly for a 6-2.5/225-pounder, Hanie has the mobility you want from a QB (4.7/4.8 forty). Hanie even played free safety during crunch time on at least one occasion, so he's certainly not a stump.

Bottom Line: Hanie's skills as a passer were really neat to watch as he was usually money on all of his throws and looked especially top-notch when delivering the long ball. His leadership skills were also on display. Just another impressive quarterback in a year of freakish numbers with regard to the Lone Star state's pool of quarterbacks.

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