Week 13 Big 12 Picks

RaiderPower.com picks every Big 12 game on the schedule.

Big 12 Games this Week

Texas Tech (+1.5) at Texas

Alyssa: Texas. I think Tech has a good chance of beating Texas, but history says otherwise. I agree with what Jared Kaster said in the Monday presser, the more physical team will win.

Jarret: Tech. I said before I was not going to pick Tech over Texas until they proved they could do it, but I have gone back on my word for one simple reason. The Red Raiders are the better team, mostly because they have a huge advantage at the quarterback position. 

Joe: Texas. On paper, Tech should win this one. But history says otherwise, and so does Tyrone Swoopes pounding on Tech's still iffy run defense. The Red Raiders lose a heartbreaker, I'm afraid.

Baylor (-1.5) at TCU

Alyssa: Baylor. Coming off that win over Oklahoma State, which I didn’t think was going to happen I have to go with Baylor. 

Jarret: Baylor. It doesn't seem to matter who takes the snaps at Baylor, they just keep putting up points. They will again this week in Fort Worth.

Joe: TCU. Assuming Chris Johnson rather than Jarrett Stidham is pulling the trigger for Baylor, and that Trevone Boykin does the same for TCU, I think this matchup will spell the difference. I'm just not sold on Chris Johnson versus Gary Patterson's defense.

Iowa State (+14) at West Virginia

Alyssa: Iowa State. I think West Virginia will win, but I’m taking the Cyclones with the points. 

Jarret: Iowa State. I think West Virginia wins, but not by that many points.

Joe: Iowa State. In most cases, when the Cyclones have lost this season, the losses have been pretty close. Moreover, I predict Iowa State will be playing with more of an edge because of the coaching shakeup in Ames. 

Kansas State (-20) at Kansas

Alyssa: Kansas State. Like I have all season, betting against Kansas.

Jarret: Kansas State because they are playing KU.

Joe: Kansas. I'll probably hate myself for deviating from the Raiderpower formula of always picking whoever Kansas is playing, but KSU is really limping into the home stretch, and in a rivalry game, 20 points is a shade too much. I believe the Jayhawks come out and play inspired--by their standards--football.

Oklahoma State (+7) at Oklahoma

Alyssa: Oklahoma. I had such a hard time with this one, but I think Baker Mayfield will be able to pull this one off. 

Jarret: Oklahoma. I wanted to take the Cowboys and the points, but just couldn't do it as the Sooners are rolling and have the home field advantage. 

Joe: Oklahoma. When Baker Mayfield is in the lineup, there are very few teams better than OU. I believe he returns for this one. Furthermore, the Cowboys were quite unimpressive against Baylor. Maybe the Bears exposed a few things that Bob Stoops will exploit.

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