Scouting Report: 7-on-7 Jonathan Lindley Eval

Sulphur Springs CB <b>Jonathan Lindley</b> is next on our agenda as we continue providing you ( subscribers) analysis on some of Texas' standout preps from this past weekend's 64-team 7-on-7 mega event.

Recent hype accompanying Lindley doesn't appear to be an exaggeration. He has a growing reputation of locking down wideouts as well as nearly any other DB making up the '04 batch of Lone Star State recruits. Unfortunately, didn't get to see a whole lot of this kid as his team bowed out early, but saw enough to make an evaluation.

Here's what we did learn:

Lindley eyeballs at 5-11.5/6-0, 170-175 pounds -- which is great size for the senior-to-be. He should continue developing (physically) as he has a great frame to add more muscle/weight.

The 3-star bluechipper was always in press and had the respect of opposing team's quarterbacks as any ball thrown to his side of the field was either accidental or a rarity.

Showed great backpedal and great hips when turning to run with his man. Showed tremendous catch-up speed when he bit on a fake, though he was not easily or terribly fooled on any play I viewed.

As for making plays on the ball, well, the ball seldom came his way. However, in one particular instance -- and this was passed on to me from a very reliable source -- one QB actually dared throwing it to the side of the field Lindley had effectively shut down for 3 QTRs (7-on-7 is actually a game of two halves, but you get the idea) in Sulphur Springs'game against Southlake Carroll. When finally challenged, Lindley came from out of nowhere to swat down a well-thrown Chase Daniel pass. "Lindley just made a heckuva play on the ball," my source said. "He's an athlete."

Of course, thinking he would not be put to test in the last half of the final stanza, I left just in time to miss out on what might have been the kid's best play of the tournament.

Another note: Although he didn't pull any double-duty (CB/WR) in his team's playoff loss to Carroll, Lindley played some receiver at the tourney also.

This kid made a lot of noise at various team summer camps because of his ability to man-up. At the 7-on-7 tourney, he did nothing to distance himself from those claims either. Teams stayed away from him like he was some sort of freakshow-Looney Tunes-serial killer.

In other words, he was certainly given the respect of a blanket cornerback prospect and I saw enough to project big things for the Sulphur Springs product. He'll find a spot in the August Texas Top 100.

[Our sources have Lindley pulling the commitment trigger in favor of Phil Bennet'sSMU Mustangs. Sulphur Spring's head coach Brad Turner confirmed.]

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