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Every 2015 Texas Tech Uniform Combo

A look at every uniform Texas Tech wore during the 2015 season.

Before I delve into every uniform worn this season I just want to say that overall this was easily my favorite season of the Kingsbury era in terms of the uniforms worn. It's obvious Kingsbury, Under Armour and the athletic department listened to the fans clamoring for a return to more red and a more traditional look for 2015.

Texas Tech wore nine different uniform combos, 10 if you want to be picky about the red accessories worn with the all-blacks in the Texas Bowl.

The 90's Zach Thomas-era throwbacks worn against Arkansas and UT were big hits. The all-blacks were worn three times, the all-whites twice. Then there were six different current-era style combinations of red, white, black and grey pants, jerseys and helmets. 

Tech even got tricky before the TCU game by warming up in all-black uniforms only to return to the locker room and later emerge from the tunnel sporting red jerseys. 

All-in-all, I have to tip my cap to Tech's efforts in blending a nice mix of tradition, style and innovation in the uniforms worn in 2015.

Game 1

Tech vs. SHSU

Note: Everyone who follows a football team has an era of uniforms which initially flashes in their mind when that team is mentioned. For me, when I think of Texas Tech I think of the team in all black from head to toe. The "murdered out" look is a great look and one which has been copied by many across the nation. The current style has alternating red and white trim across the shoulders and down the sides of the pants. The jersey numbers are white with red outlines. Guns Up is spelled diagonally across the left pant. Until this season, this has always been my favorite Red Raider uniform in any style made by any manufacturer. Just all-black, baby.

My rank: Tied for 3B (see Game 13)

Game 2

Tech vs. UTEP

Note: The "iced out" look. White from head-to-toe. This is the same exact style as the all-blacks above except obviously all white. It's just a crisp, clean look which looks really good on TV and seems to be a favorite among recruits.

My rank: Tied for 4th

Game 3

Tech at Arkansas

Note: Those lucky enough to be on hand in Fayetteville witnessed a game and atmosphere which just felt epic. When Tech emerged wearing the throwbacks it looked ready to rumble. I'm usually more of a fan of solid uniform combinations, but there is just something about this look which is fantastic. I'm not too technical with the fashion terms here, but the color accent stripes of red and white down the sides of the black pants harken back to the 90's and just look really sharp. The simplicity of the white jerseys with red lettering, black outlines, plus the old-school Double T just work and is easier on the eyes than today's common busy uniform. The Double-T on the sides of the shoulders were also a nice touch.

My rank: Tied for 2nd

Game 4

Tech vs. TCU

Note: If you had told me before the season Tech would wear a black helmet, red jersey, black pants combo I would have said "Cool, I bet that will look pretty good and make some fans happy." Well, that would have been a huge understatement. These really popped like no other uniform all season. Not only are they my favorite uniforms of the season, they are my favorite Tech uni's of all-time and one of my favorite in football I have ever seen, period. I'm also a big fan of the red chrome facemasks on the black helmets. The red gloves and cleats accessories which many wore with this combo helped the look. I really liked the way it looked in person and later when going back and watching it on TV, but Dbltfarmer's pics were perhaps my favorite I have ever worked with despite designing thousands of pages for newspapers and online publications in my time. 

My rank: No. 1, the best.

Game 5

Tech vs. Baylor

Note: Honestly, these were kind of meh for me. I like the idea. I like getting more red in the uniform and it didn't look bad, but the black helmet, white jersey, red pants combo simply wasn't my favorite.

My rank: 8th

Game 6

Tech vs. Iowa State

Note: This is a solid look. I like the black helmet, black jersey with white pants combo. The first time I remember it was against UTEP in 2014 at El Paso. The truth is if you want to be cool or cutting edge then you wear several uniform combos. This one looks very different in action during the game, yet is still definitely Texas Tech.

My rank: 7th

Game 7

Tech vs. Kansas

Note: Once again the all-white uniforms. Many were wearing pink accessories to participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I don't know anyone who has NOT been affected by cancer and I have no major problem with football players wearing pink with their uniforms. That being said, I reserve the right to not like it. I'm just not ever going to be a fan of pink anywhere on a football uniform. 

My rank: Tied for 4th

Game 8

Tech at Oklahoma

Note: This is actually the same combo as the throwbacks worn in Fayetteville and Austin; black helmets, white jerseys, black pants, but just with the current style. I liked this combo a lot, but once again I'm more of a fan of the solid uniforms and this game was such a miserable outcome it probably doesn't help my feelings on them.

My rank: 6th

Game 9

Tech vs. Oklahoma State

Note: The all-black unis again. Sweet.

My rank: Tied for 3B

Game 10

Tech at West Virginia

Note: I know a lot of Tech fans loathe all of the grey uniforms, but I actually like them. Though I have these ranked last on the list, I liked them, even the grey helmets. The numbers on one side of the helmet are unnecessary, but does not bother me. Similar to the all-whites, I feel these are just crisp. 

My rank: 9th

Game 11

Tech vs. Kansas State

Note: Those wanting more red in the uniforms, the "we are the RED Raiders!!!" crowd had to be happy about these beauties. My initial reaction was whoa, this is too much, but the black helmet, red jersey, red pants look grew on me as the game wore on. I hope Tech wears these again.  

My rank: 5th

Game 12

Tech at Texas

Note: The throwbacks again. For the simple reason Tech didn't wear the Lone Star Pride uniforms, these were great. The fact they went back to this classic look a second time was just confirmation for me the athletic department is really listening to the fan base and giving people what they want.

My rank: tied for 2nd

Game 13

Tech vs. LSU

Note: Now these are the all-black uniforms, but there is a significant difference from the traditional Tech all-black look due to the red chrome on the facemasks and helmets, plus many of the red accessories such as gloves, cleats and wrist bands. Hence the 3A and 3B designations. I have these slightly ahead of the true all-black, to my surprise, but I really loved the way these looked in the Texas Bowl. It basically comes down to if you like the chrome facemasks or not. 

My rank: 3A (I like the all-black uniforms with red chrome face masks slightly better than the regular all-blacks.)

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