7-on-7: Austin Doran Eval

The beauty of attending the 64-team 7-on-7 tournament is finding some kids who've been flying under the radar. <b>Austin Doran</b>, a wide receiver from Keller High, is just such a kid, flashing talent game after game after game in College Station

Doran's about 6-1/6-2, 185/190 pounds. Has size, college coaches like that.

Speed: Probably mid/high-4.5 wheels, but wouldn't surprise to learn he's running low-4.5s either.

Ball skills: Possesses a great pair of hands and can also make the acrobatic grabs.

Route-running: This is where the kid excels. His routes are about as sharp as anyone seen at the tourney, even turning Burnet's Jordan Shipley completely around on an outside/inside fake before breaking it back to the outside. The ball was thrown a bit too high, but Doran was able to pluck it out of the air for a crowd-pleasing grab.

Another note: Doran also pulled some double-duty as he played a little free safety too. But make no mistake about it, the Keller bluechipper will play wideout in college.

Bottom Line: Doran should see a lot more interest as the news of his performance spreads. Kid has an excellent shot of making the August Texas Top 100. He may not be more than a possession-type receiver, but he's a guy you want out there on 3rd-and-long situations because he'll not only get open, but make the all-important snag.

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