7-on-7: Kirby Freeman Eval

Miami QB commitment <b>Kirby Freeman</b> showed off his passing skills at the Texas 7-on-7 tourney. But that was to be expected. The athleticism and ability to play safety as he did throughout the tournament was also on display, however, making his overall performance even more impressive.

The Brownwood passer goes about 6-2, 190. He's got decent height for the position. However, durability concerns remain until Freeman bulks up. Former Miami QB Ken Dorsey, of course, probably played at 190 or less and certainly managed to stay healthy, but that's more of an exception than the norm. Freeman is expected to redshirt, so he'll get the opportunity to put on some muscle/weight.

Arm Strength: 70-75 yard capabilities...kid has a gun! And he used that gun to thread the needle more than a few times. If you were to nit-pick his game, Freeman needs to develop a little more touch which is often said about kids sportin' cannons, so that's not really a surprise. And he has a big wind-up, but also showed he could shorten his delivery when needing to get the ball out quicker.

Decision-making: I was very impressed with his ability to find the open man. Really got a kick out of the Brownwood QB's propensity to find/hit the man in the back of the end zone. He did this quite a bit. The 4-star bluechipper can also spot a wideout breaking open as fast as anyone. And then of course, given his missile arm, he wastes little time getting it there.

Athleticism: Behind only Bobby Reid in this department, Freeman has plenty of mobility for the position, even showing off that aspect of his game while playing safety during 7-on-7s. Of course, Freeman clocked a 4.62 at the Texas Nike camp in College Station while ripping off a sub-4.0 shuttle time, so the kid can get it.

Another note: Freeman played both ways throughout the tournament.

BOTTOM LINE: Based on what I saw of Freeman, you can expect him to climb up the Texas Top 100 rankings. Killer arm strength, very accurate, extremely mobile and a ton of ability. Miami got itself a good one.

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