7-on-7: Clarence Robinson Eval

On tap next in our 7-on-7 evals is <b>Clarence Robinson</b>, a RB/WR prospect hailing from Corsicana, Texas. His talent was apparent when I first laid eyes on him. He already has a spot in the Texas Top 100 and validated that placement with his College Station performance.

Robinson, Corsicana's No. 1 running back, projects as a wide receiver first and tailback second on the next level. So, the 7-on-7s provided a great opportunity to see what kind of skills he could bring to the receiving ranks.

Size: He is not the 6-0 we had initially listed him at. He's closer to 5-10.5/5-11 and probably carries 170 pounds as he's a stocky lookin' specimen. This kid will line up in the slot on the collegiate level if he does in fact play receiver.

Routes/Speed: Robinson showed good route running ability and was Corsicana's No. 1 option. Despite that being obvious to everyone in attendance, teams had a lot of difficulty denying him the ball. He showed a very good set of wheels, about 4.5 or better, and could get deep rather easily.

Hands: Robinson caught everything. In some instances, however, he used both his hands and body to corral the ball rather than relying only on his gloves. So, he'll need to work on that a little. But it's definitely worth noting again: kid caught everything. And he caught several TDs as he was too fast for most of the DBs attempting to hold him.

BOTTOM LINE: Robinson was exciting to watch. Primarily because of his non-stop hustling. Considering the fact he ran several deep routes, one would have expected him to be a little tired on his next route. Not the case. He's got an abundance of energy as his tank was always running on full. Kid was in miraculous condition. Make no mistake about it, the Corsicana bluechipper has the work ethic required and wanted by all D-I coaches. Not only that, he's a great kid!

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