Texas Tech in the Mix for Former 4-Star OL Logan Tuley-Tillman

RaiderPower.com interviewed former Michigan offensive lineman Logan Tuley-Tillman, who intends to transfer to one of several suitors following graduation in May. Texas Tech is one of those programs interested in the former four-star recruit.

Logan Tuley-Tillman was a four-star offensive lineman signee for Michigan's 2013 class out of Peoria (Ill.) and was battling for playing time last September when he was dismissed from the team for this off the field incident.

As Tuley-Tillman pointed out in the tweet below, he's due to graduate in May and will have two years of eligibility remaining when he arrives on campus wherever he ends up. As a graduate he will be available to play immediately. 


One of the programs in the mix for his services is Texas Tech. The following is a Q&A conducted with Tuley-Tillman on Thursday afternoon.

RaiderPower:  I heard you might be interested in transferring to Tech. Is that true?

Tuley-Tillman: Yeah Coach (Lee) Hays is supposed to be coming out to see me sometime now that the dead period is over.

RaiderPower: Nice. What schools are in the mix and do you have a timetable for deciding?

Tuley-Tillman: Washington St, Houston, Ole Miss, Louisville, Tech, UCLA, Minnesota, Nebraska, Illinois, UNC, USF. I'm going to decide after I walk the stage here in Michigan on April 30th.

RaiderPower: You said Hays is going to visit you, but do you have any plans to visit Tech, yet?

Tuley-Tillman: He is and I do it will more than likely be early next month though.

RaiderPower: When did you first hear from Tech and how often do you hear from Hays?

Tuley-Tillman: I talk to Coach Hays on the regular, he's a real down to earth guy and seems really focused. The nice thing about Tech was that one of my old teammates Ondre (Pipkins) is there so there was a instant connection.

RaiderPower: That was my next question. Are you and Ondre tight and what has he told you about Tech?

Tuley-Tillman: We were teammates so we were around each other 24/7 and he says it's real nice and he likes it.

RaiderPower: What are you looking for overall in a program and school?

Tuley-Tillman: To be honest the only thing I'm looking for is a school with a hole a left tackle. I'll already have a Michigan degree and a masters from anywhere is nice.

RaiderPower: What's your degree in?

Tuley-Tillman: My major is general studies,(so I could graduate in 3 years) with a public health research focus.

RaiderPower: Of the schools you listed above which ones have you already visited?

Tuley-Tillman: Just Ole miss and I'm going to Wazzu tomorrow for my official.

RaiderPower: What's your current height and weight?

Tuley-Tillman: 6'7", 317. I joined the Univeristy of Michigan boxing team a few months ago too so it's been easy to stay in shape.

RaiderPower: Wow. What has that experience been like? Who is stepping in the ring with you at your size?

Tuley-Tillman: It's been great. It's a reality check every time you step in there to spar, you have to bring it. And there is no weight limit so I'll fight anybody over 200 pounds.

RaiderPower: I don't know the specifics, I just read the report but given your dismissal from the team on one hand, but then you're getting your degree on the other, how would you describe your experience at Michigan? How are you different from when you arrived on campus as a freshman?

Tuley-Tillman: I was afforded so many great opportunities here at Michigan that I will always be grateful for and appreciate.

RaiderPower: Thanks for your time. I really appreciate it. Good luck on your search and I'd like to get an update after Hays visits.

Tuley-Tillman: Ok no problem and I will for sure!

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