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Jackson Big Fan of New Texas Tech DL Coach Kevin Patrick

Amarillo defensive lineman and Red Raider commit Ivory Jackson previews his upcoming official visit to Texas Tech, talks about his relationship with defensive line coach Kevin Patrick and more in the following Q&A.

Raider Power: First off, I wanted to ask you about Texas Tech’s new D-Line coach. What did you think of that hire?

Jackson: It’s great. He’s been great. I’m sad Mike Smith is gone, but it is crazy how happy I am that coach Kevin Patrick is there. He actually recruited me before I committed to Tech at North Texas. I already kind of knew him before he came to Texas Tech and now we are both at Tech now. 

Raider Power: What has your contact been like since he was hired on?

Jackson: Oh we have had all kind of conversations. Since he was recruiting me for North Texas we have had more conversations than normal. 

Raider Power: How often have you talked to him since he has been with Texas Tech?

Jackson: I’ve talked to him a good three or four times now. We talk quite a bit. 

Raider Power: What do you think he will bring to the table?

Jackson: He is about to add some aggressiveness, an aggressive desire. I know we are going to be a good defense, but now we are about to be once coach Patrick comes in so mean now. We are going to be a lot meaner than we thought we could be. 

Raider Power: What about the rest of the staff? How often have you been talking to them?

Jackson: Oh yeah, coach Morris is the man. We talk all the time. I’ve been talking to him,  coach Jones, and when coach Kingsbury has time we usually have time too. I just saw coach Morris last Friday and coach Patrick is supposed to come see me Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. 

Raider Power: How was your visit with coach Morris?

Jackson: Oh it was amazing. It’s always good when coaches come in to town. I love seeing them. Coach Morris, we talk all the time, he was the first one to recruit me for Tech, so it’s always good to see him and talk to him. 

Raider Power: As for your visit this weekend, what are you looking forward to most?

Jackson: Oh to see the boys again. Almost 20 of us coming, so there is going to be a lot of us and it’s going to be fun. 

Raider Power: Yeah, almost all of the 2016 commits and even some 2017 are coming up, what’s that going to be like?

Jackson: It’s crazy. We call 2016 class the Gun Gang and I’m thinking 2017 is getting in to it. We are all pretty cool, all really good friends and already know each other. It’s crazy we already picked roommates for our dorms before we’ve even met each other. It’s going to be great seeing everyone again, seeing all the players, and having fun with them. 

Raider Power: So, are you getting amped up for National Signing Day?

Jackson: It’s going to be fun to sign, it’s going to be fun to visit but what I’m most excited for is to just put the Double T’s on and get to work. I’m tired of waiting and just can’t wait for that first game day or hitting the weight room, waking up early, it’s not fun for everyone but when you think about it afterwards how it’s not about the hard work but how it was fun. 

Raider Power: Have you been hearing from other schools since NSD is quickly approaching?

Jackson: No, I haven’t. I have one more game to play (International Bowl), so I’m not really answering too many phone calls because we have been out training a lot. 

Raider Power: How has your preparation been helping you transition to the next level?

Jackson: Well in my preparation I’m working on my speed. I feel like I’ve gotten so much faster, I’m probably in the best shape I’ve ever been. We are playing with other stars around us, playing with other guys that are really talented. It will teach me to use my hands, my body in different ways.

Raider Power: Awesome, well anything else you’d like to add?

Jackson: Nothing other than Gun Gang 2016 is ready to shock the nation. 

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