Dawson Deaton Checking Out Tech

2017 Frisco offensive lineman Dawson Deaton, who has seen his recruitment blow up recently, is visiting Texas Tech this weekend. RaiderPower.com interviewed him about what he thinks of the program, his relationships with both Frisco teammate Jack Anderson and Red Raider offensive line coach Lee Hays and more.

When you mention 2017 offensive lineman and Frisco (Tex.) High School, most people would assume you are talking about blue-chip prospect and Texas Tech commit Jack Anderson. However, Frisco has another offensive lineman who has become of the hottest names in recruiting circles and it’s only just the beginning for Dawson Deaton.

“It’s definitely been awesome,” Deaton stated. “Ever since the beginning of December I’ve been getting offers and it’s kind of a dream to be able to go play college football at a great institution and get a free education.”

Despite receiving numerous offers in a short amount of time, one school has definitely made an impression and that’s the school that offered him first, Texas Tech.

“I really like Coach Hays,” Deaton said. “He’s my primary recruiter and he’s a real guy. He doesn’t lie to you and is open and straightforward. We talk at least once a week. He actually just came by with coach Morris and coach Kliff. He was by last week too. I think I’ve seen them at least four times since they offered. They’re really good guys and great coaches.

“Coach Hays really likes my versatility as a lineman,” Deaton stated. “He thinks I can play center, guard, or tackle at the next level. That’s great to hear from him because not everyone can do that so I know he really believes in me when he says that.”

While he shares the spotlight in his hometown with Anderson, having his teammate and best friend by his side has been a great positive for Deaton.

“It’s been a blessing to be able to go through the process, but it’s really special to have Jack here with me helping me out because he’s already been through what I’m going through,” Deaton said. “He helped me reach out to coaches before I had any offers and he’s always there if I want to ask questions about a school, a coach, or just the process in general.

“We have a really good relationship on and off the field. We have that chemistry you need on the offensive line and we push each other in the weight room. To have the opportunity to continue that into college is really something and he definitely lets me hear about it. He brings it up pretty frequently and likes to throw stats at me like how they had the #2 offense in the nation. He’s definitely persuasive and definitely has me thinking long and hard about Texas Tech.”


Not only is Anderson assisting Deaton through his recruitment, but he’s also travelled with him to visit Texas Tech.

“Jack and I drove up this morning and met Will Farrar here,” Deaton said. “Most of the 2016 guys are here so we will meet up with them too. My mom is flying in tomorrow morning so we will pick her up and let her check out the campus and meet the coaches and everything. It’s great to hear about the school and town from the coaches and everyone, but it’s always better to get to see it all firsthand. You get to know the people you are going to play with and feel comfortable with the players, coaches, and town. It definitely helps to have those relationships and that feeling of home to help decide if it’s the right place for me.”

With 10 offers in hand and more likely to come in the near future, Deaton is taking it all in stride and making the most of his recruitment.

“Next weekend, the 30th, is Houston’s junior day and the 31st is Texas A&M’s junior day so I’m going to do both of those,” Deaton stated. “I’m not completely sure about visiting out of state schools just yet just because my parents need to be able to take off work and it’s not cheap to travel to all of these places. Right now, my main priority is just checking out everything local and seeing what’s close to the family.”

With proximity to family weighing into his choice, Deaton also has identified other important criteria for interested programs.

“Education is number one,” Deaton told RaiderPower. “The scheme of the offense they run and how I fit into it, tradition, and stuff like that is also important.”

Despite coming from a run-heavy offense in Frisco, Deaton sees his ideal offense as one more balanced, maybe even a bit over 50/50 pass to run.

“Texas Tech passes the ball a lot, but they also run the ball a lot more than what people think,” Deaton said. “DeAndre Washington was No. 2 in the conference in rushing and a lot of people aren’t aware of that. It shows how versatile the offense is and I think that balanced attack is the type of offense I would be best in.”

With ample options and a year until signing day, Deaton wants to weigh his options, but not drag out the process.

“I’m not sure when I’m going to commit, but I’m thinking March or April possibly,” Deaton stated. “I just want to be able to see some more schools and what other places have to offer so I can make sure I’m sold 100% on the place I choose when I do make that choice.”

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