Damarcus Fields Details 'Perfect' Texas Tech Official Visit

Taylor defensive back and Red Raider commit Damarcus Fields describes his official visit to Texas Tech.

The following interview took place Sunday via direct messages on Twitter:

RP: I saw you had a great time. What was the highlight for you? Anything stand out?

Fields: The recruits ..they're like family already to me ...

RP: That's pretty cool about the other recruits. I saw some pics of you and Des on my TL. With you both being DBs, how close are you?

Fields: We're really close, we're going to be rooming together once we at Tech.

RP: Nice. Do you know who your other roommates will be yet? Also, I saw y'all at the Tech - WVU game, but what else did you do on the visit that stood out?

Fields: No sir I don't ..the position meeting was good cause I love to talk football.

RP: Yeah, that sounds cool. Which coaches and players were in there, where in the facility did you watch? These are the kind of details I usually forget to ask that Tech fans like to hear about. Lol.

Fields: Gibbs, Des and myself in his office man I love the community everywhere I go people telling me great things about Tech, I received nothing negative.

RP: What about the food? That's always a big part of OV's. The free food. Lol. Where'd y'all eat and what was your favorite meal?

Fields: Ohh yeah man, how could I forget the food was awesome. I'm pretty sure I gained a good 10 lbs, lol. My favorite was Saturday dinner at Las Brisas. It was steak.

RP: Lol. What did you think of the gear? What's your favorite uni combo? That's a hot topic over on http://raiderpower.com. Ha.

Fields: The all red with white gloves is so icy... The gear is so clean I loved the shoes so many choices.


RP: Yep. Did the coaches or support staff go over the new sports performance center? If so, what did you think?

Fields: I saw the presentation before. They showed me again and I can't wait for it ..having an inside football facility will be the best for us because people will put more grind in there. Hot or cold doesn't matter. That's one of the first things I asked up there.

RP: Who was your host?

Fields: Jah'Shawn (Johnson).

RP: How'd y'all get along? What'd he say?

Fields: Me and Jah'Shawn are real cool. I couldn't ask for a a better host. He made me feel welcome and gave me the time while I was up there.

RP: That sounds great. Is there anything I'm missing about your OV? Anything you'd like to add?

Fields: It was perfect sir more than I thought.


The Texas Tech coaching staff followed up with Fields at Taylor High School on Monday.


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