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DFW OL Casey Verhulst Talks In-State Offers

Plano East 2017 offensive lineman Casey Verhulst breaks down his style of play, his offers from Texas Tech and Houston, plus his recruitment by Red Raider offensive line coach Lee Hays (pictured above).

Plano East (Tex.) 2017 offensive lineman Casey Verhulst received an offer from Texas Tech back in early December. 

Verhulst projects at tackle with a 6-foot-6, 275-pound frame as a junior, and hasn't heard much about playing a specific position for many schools, but believes his future is at left tackle.

"We haven't really talked much about changing positions or anything, wherever coach needs me, I'll play. But more than likely left tackle is the place for me."

The junior talked about his coach and the overall offense at Plano East. 

"My coach is definitely like Bret Bielema from Arkansas. He likes to run it up the gut, all the time. But we do run a spread, we usually switch it up from one-back to two-back to empty a lot. Mostly inside zone, outside zone stuff. We like to get people on the ground if we can."

Verhulst went into detail about his school's offensive scheme and his attributes as a player.

"In our offense at Plano East, we don't really run a kick-slide pass protection. We just run a slide, where we're just working side-to-side and making sure nobody's getting beat in their gaps, that gap responsibility is tight. Really I'm just physical as all get-out, I'm probably one of the quickest big people on my feet lateral-wise, and I play a lot of good people. I take pride in the way I can move my feet and mirror my defenders."

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex lineman spoke more about how his scheme allows for him to demonstrate his versatility.

"In this scheme, as a left tackle, I do a lot of different stuff. It kind of depends on my opponent. Against McKinney Boyd, we ran a play called Dart, and it was kind of like a trap play for me. I pulled and ran straight at the A-gap and went straight for the inside backer against Boyd, and we ended up scoring twice off that play off of my block. But really, I'm very versatile and we use a lot of different blocking schemes."

He has built up some solid rapport with Red Raider offensive line coach Lee Hays, who extended a scholarship offer to him after his high school's offseason camp ended.

"Honestly, it really surprised me because it was my first Division 1 offer. I had seen coach Hays at my school at one point, he was kind of sizing me up. We had been talking on social media, and eventually a couple weeks after that, he offered me right after offseason had ended that day."

A day after receiving an offer from Texas Tech, Houston moved in with an offer.

"I love the coaches [at Houston]. I met coach Herman and coach Applewhite in the office that day. They're the coolest guys. They were like, 'Well, if you've got a Texas Tech offer, you've got a University of Houston offer.' That was that."

Rice is the latest team to offer Verhulst as the Owl extended the offer earlier this week.

Despite holding three offers already, Verhulst doesn't necessarily have any favorites as the recruiting process moves forward.

"Everything's pretty even right now. I'm just looking forward to what the future holds for me, and I'm blessed to receive any kind of opportunity to play at the next level. I would like all the Texas schools. I mean, Texas Tech was up there already, so blessed to have received that one right there."

The offensive lineman spoke about what he saw from the Red Raiders on the field this fall.

"This year has been crazy. As soon as I got my Texas Tech offer, you couldn't get me to stop watching them play. The offensive line, I tell you, you could sit a QB back in there for a while and that's what I really like about them. Pass protection is number one on my skillset. I'd much rather be a pass protector than a run-blocker, and from what I was watching that quarterback had days to throw."

That type of play requires solid coaching, and Verhulst believes Hays is a good one.

"Standup guy. I respect him. Once I started talking to him, I really got to know him. Me and him got a little bit closer over Twitter. He's a real cool guy, I like what he's about, and I look forward to furthering a relationship with him."

With the Tech offer in hand and the offseason in full swing, does Verhulst have any plans to take a visit to Lubbock anytime soon?

"Absolutely. Nothing concrete right now, but I've been talking. These next couple weeks are gonna be pretty busy because I have Oklahoma State's Junior Day next weekend and then a Houston Junior Day after that. But if I can get in one of those days, I would absolutely like to set up an unofficial visit."

Despite Lubbock's remoteness from the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, the prospect had good things to say about the Hub City.

"I'm a big fan of Lubbock. I like the fact that there's a big city in the middle of nowhere. Everybody who goes to Lubbock is a big fan of the city."

Verhulst definitely has a timeline in mind for making a decision - National Signing Day, 2017.

"Really a big dream of mine since before middle school was having a Signing Day where I can pick a hat off a table and announce it to the world, where nobody knows except my family."

Verhulst is looking to major in Business and Law in college.

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