Zach Adams Happy to be Returning Home to Texas

Fredericksburg (Va.) Riverbend offensive lineman Zach Adams details his recent official visit to Texas Tech and explains why he's ecstatic to be returning home to the Lone Star State for college. caught up with Texas Tech offensive line commit Zach Adams recently for the lowdown on his official visit to Lubbock the weeknd of Jan. 22-24 and for his thoughts about the program heading to National Signing Day.

The beheomouth lineman committed to Tech last summer over offers from East Carolina, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Vanderbilt, Virginia and West Virginia.

Raider Power: How'd the visit go?

Adams: It was great! I really enjoyed my time down there. Wish it was June already!

Raider Power: (Laughs). I have been hearing that a lot. What would say was your favorite part?

Adams: Really, it was the whole weekend...getting to spend time with the other commits, current players and coaches. Being up here in VA, I hadn't got to spend much time with them. Meant a lot to start to get to know them.

Raider Power: I heard the steaks at Las Brisas were a big hit and all the free food. You're a big dude. Be honest, how much did you eat?

Adams: Way too much! Still stuffed!

Raider Power: (Laughs). You mentioned meeting with the coaches, how did it go with Hays? Did he talk more about how he sees you fitting in?

Adams: Coach (Lee) Hays is a great guy. He said he sees me either at guard or tackle.

Raider Power: What about (Kliff) Kingsbury? Did you get to talk with him and how did that conversation go?

Adams: Yes sir. I got to talk to him quite a bit. He was just trying to get to know me.

Raider Power: How much of Lubbock did you get to see? What did you think of the town?

Adams: I got to see a lot of the town. It's my type of town. Weather was awesome. Just got back to VA and now I'm about to start shoveling snow.

Raider Power: Aw man, that's right. That sucks. What about your fellow OL commits? How'd it go hanging with them?

Adams: We had a great time together. I look forward to rooming with them.

Raider Power: So it's you Gio, Travis and Bailey rooming together in the fall? Also, who was your host?

Adams: Yes sir. Terrence Steele.

Raider Power: Great. How'd you get along with Terrence? What'd he say about playing at Tech?

Adams: Terrence and I are a lot alike. Both very quiet. We got along great. He said he liked Tech a lot and enjoyed playing for Coach Hays...even though he can be tough sometimes.

Raider Power: Do you know what you want to major in? How much did you tour the campus and what did you think?

Adams: Undecided...more than likely something in business or physical therapy. Not much this visit...I did that in July. It's a beautiful campus.

Raider Power: Did your parents come with you on the visit? What do they think about your decision to go to Tech?

Adams: Yes sir. My mom, dad and sister came. They are extremely pleased with the decision. Happy that I will get to go back home. They know that I will be in good hands with Coach Hays.

Raider Power: Yeah, I have seen you mention the importance of returning to Texas. Why is that so important to you?

Adams: My entire family is in Texas. I am a Texan. I was born and raised most of my life in Texas. If it weren't for my dad's job, we would still be there. My mom and dad want to move back after my sister graduates.

Raider Power: What were your measurements at the visit? They usually get everyone's height, weight, etc.

Adams: 6-foot-6. 310 pounds with a 82-inch wingspan.

Raider Power: Great. is there anything you'd like to add, is there anything I'm missing?

Adams: I am very excited about the opportunity that Coach Kingsbury and Coach Hays have given me. I can't wait to be a Red Raider.

Raider Power: Thanks for your time and congrats on all your success.

Adams: No problem. Thanks!

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