Nick McCann Ready to Get Cooking at Texas Tech

Texarkana Arkansas defensive tackle Nicholas McCann recaps his official visit to Texas Tech, talks about what he plans to study at school and what signing his National Letter of Intent will mean to him and his family. interviewed Texarkana Arkansas defensive tackle Nicholas McCann about his recent official visit to Texas Tech and his feeling about signing his Letter of Intent on Wednesday.

McCann committed to the Red Raiders last summer and is expected to sign with Tech over reported offers from Baylor, Central Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana-Monroe, SMU, Stephen F. Austin and Texas State.

Raider Power: How'd the visit go?

McCann: It was really good. I really liked the coaches, the players and how the town is.

Raider Power: Did you learn anything new about Tech or Lubbock on the trip? Anything really stand out?

McCann: Yes sir, they have the program I want to go in and I didn't know they had will save me years of school. It's called the RIM program.

Raider Power: What's that?

McCann: It's actually RHIM, it's restaurant hotel institutional management.

Raider Power: That's cool. One of my best friends is a chef, restaurant owner. Do you know what you want to do with the degree after? Is there a specific business or career you want to go into with this degree?

McCann: Same as your friend, chef and restaurant owner.

Raider Power: I know the Tech program serves the Texas Tech Club, which is a restaurant actually in The Jones. It's first-rate. Did you get to check that or any other part of the RHIM program out?

McCann: No sir, but that's what my major will be and I'll get to check it out when I report.

Raider Power: So, I'm guessing you're a good cook? Who taught you your skills?

McCann: I learned most of my cooking from my grandma and mom but from my previous jobs I've watched how they cook and one job I got to cook for a couple months.

Raider Power: That's really neat. What's your favorite dish you make? If you had to submit something to a cooking show such as Top Chef or whatever, what would it be?

McCann: Cajun shrimp fettuccine Alfredo.

Raider Power: Aww man, that sounds good. Thanks for sharing that. Switching gears, I couldn't help but notice from pics on Twitter the defensive line and new coach Kevin Patrick look pretty tight. Do you feel like the DL class is a close group? Did the visit help that?

McCann: Yes sir when we took tours of the apartments I really noticed that the DL is all about football and is ready to put in the work and play football and that's what we are going to do.

Raider Power: Final question: Your thoughts about NSD and what the day, moment will mean to you and your family?

McCann: To me it will be very important because I'm the only one in my family that has signed to a big D1 school and my family is very excited about it.

Raider Power: That's great stuff. Thank you very much for your time and congrats on all your success.

McCann: No problem and thank you.

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