Texas Tech adds DT for commitment No. 5.

<b>Brian Jones</b>, hailing from Everman, Texas, decided in favor of the Red Raiders as he wanted to wrap up the recruiting process early and focus on his senior season.

"I really like the school, campus and the new defense Tech's implementing," Jones said. "I just got back from visiting Lubbock this past Wednesday. The new facilities they're building should be really nice."

Texas Tech LB coach Johnny Barr (former OU linebacker coach) was tasked with the responsibility of securing Jones' commitment.

"Coach Barr is really friendly...easy-going guy, I like him."

Although Jones still has yet to speak with head coach Mike Leach, he did meet the rest of the staff.

So which coach is the funniest/coolest to hang with?

"I liked Coach Ruffin McNeal the best," said Jones. "He's pretty funny, had a nice conversation with him and he's a great coach."

McNeal will be Jones' position coach, so nice to see them two getting off to great start.

The soon-to-be 3-year (varsity) starter notched 89 tackles, 9 TFLs, and 2 sacks in his junior campaign, but expects to blow up the stat sheet a little more in his final season as a prep.

Jones claims a 400-pound bench, 550 squat and 280 (power) clean. If that's the case, the 6-0, 268-pounder will add plenty of muscle/strength to the Red Raider DT depth chart.

According to Jones, he's clocking 5.0 (forty times), 4.55 (shuttle times).

Accolades: 1st-team all-district selction in '02, Newcomer of the Year in '01.

ACT/SAT: Already qualified on both.

GPA: 3.3

"Tell the Red Raider fans that I'm ready to get out there and go to work!"

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