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2018 OL Colten Blanton Talks Texas Tech Offer

Cypress Ranch (Tex.) offensive lineman Colten Blanton discusses how the offer from Texas Tech went down, what he thinks of the program, the coaching staff (including offensive line coach Lee Hays pictured above) and his overall recruitment.

Colten Blanton is still just a sophomore in high school, but the 6-foot-7, 275-pound behemoth is already a hot commodity on the recruiting scene. Oklahoma, Texas A&M and most recently Texas Tech have offered and a host of others are knocking on his door. caught up with the big man recently for the skinny on his offer from Tech and his overall recruitment in the interview below:

Raider Power: First off, how'd the offer go down and what was your reaction?

Blanton: My coach came up to me in the morning and told me to call Coach Spavital that morning. So I called him and he said that they don’t offer a lot of kids over the phone but I have met him a lot with the recruitment of Brayden (Stringer, a highly touted linebacker who signed with Tech last month) and he said that they felt comfortable with that and they also loved my tape. I was very excited. I’m excited for any texas offer but Texas Tech has been a favorite of mine in the state for as long as i can remember.

Raider Power: What do you like about Tech, what makes it one of your favorites?

Blanton: I really like the campus and it seems like during Football season the whole campus gets involved, which is fantastic. And the tradition at Tech. That is a key component for wherever I go.

Raider Power: Did you visit last season and/or have any ties other than Brayden to Tech?

Blanton: No I didn't visit last year but I've heard a lot about it from him and other friends that I have up there. I have a lot of friends that are there as students, but Brayden is the only tie to the football program I have.

Raider Power: Do you have any plans to visit?

Blanton: Yeah. Me and a couple of my teammates were talking about going up there for some spring ball.

Raider Power: Nice, you gotta shoot me a DM when you do. You mentioned Spavital earlier, what's your relationship with him like? Have you talked with Coach Hays? If so, what's your impression of him?

Blanton: I met Coach Spavital earlier this year and he seems like a pretty cool guy and a great coach. I talked to coach Hays the day that I got my offer and we didn't get to talk much because I had class, but he seems like a great coach and has done some great things at Tech with the O-line.

Raider Power: We mentioned Brayden earlier. I interviewed him a couple times including close to NSD. He seems like a good dude. What's he like as a teammate? What is Tech getting in him?

Blanton: Brayden is a great leader even when he was hurt and he also brings a whole lot of intensity on the the field and to the weight room.

Raider Power: Scout has you with offers from Tech, OU and A&M. Is that correct? Also, who els are you hearing from?

Blanton: Yes, that is correct. I have received offers from A&M and OU. I am also talking to Ole Miss, Clemson, Georgia and Texas.

Raider Power: Scout also has you listed at 6-7, 260. Is that right?

Blanton: I'm at about 275 now.

Raider Power: Did Spavital or Hays talk about where they see you playing on the line at the next level?

Blanton: No.

Raider Power: Do you have a preference of where you play?

Blanton: Tackle, but it does not matter what side.

Raider Power: Alright, that's good stuff. Is there anything I'm missing or anything you'd like to add about the Tech offer or your overall recruitment?

Blanton: No, that's it. Thank you. 

Raider Power: Thanks for your time and congrats on all your success

Blanton: Thank you.

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