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Dallas-Area Receiver Herb Sparks, Teammates to Visit Texas Tech This Weekend

Dallas Wilmer-Hutchins 2017 receiver Herb Sparks discusses his upcoming visit to Texas Tech, his thoughts on the staff and program and his overall recruitment.

Herb Sparks is going to be one busy guy over the next couple months as he has several visits planned to in-state schools interested in his services. 

This weekend he's headed out to West Texas to check out Texas Tech with teammates Lewis Gibson and Gregory Weather. Gibson set a team-high for receiving yards with 395 and receiving touchdowns with five on 23 catches in nine games for Wilmer-Hutchins last season.

Weathers was second on the team in rushing with 425 yards, two scores on 92 carries and tallied 23 tackles and an interception as a safety.

Sparks, a 6-foot, 160-pound receiver, led the team in catches last season with 27 for 365 and a pair of scores in 10 games. caught up with Sparks on Tuesday night for the lowdown on his plans for this weekend, his interest in the Red Raiders and the rest of his travel itenerary. 

RaiderPower: First off, I saw on Twitter you are visiting Tech this weekend. When are you heading in and how'd that come about?

Sparks: My teammates and I are leaving Friday night, heading out. And Coach Emmett Jones invited me.

RaiderPower: Which teammates are joining you?

Sparks: Lewis Gibson and Gregory Weathers

RaiderPower: You mentioned Coach Jones. How long have you been hearing from him, how often do y'all talk and what's your relationship like?

Sparks: We've been talking since the middle of the season and I've been talking to Coach Morris almost everyday

RaiderPower: What do you and Coach Morris talk about? What do you think of him?

Sparks: He's ready to see me this spring and he's ready to see me this weekend. He's a really good coach you see what they're doing with the wideouts now. I'm really hoping they offer.

RaiderPower: Do the coaches see you as an inside receiver in the offense?

Sparks: Yes inside receiver

RaiderPower: What do you know about Tech and the team? Have you been to Lubbock before?

Sparks: I know they're a really good team and are making an impact in the Big 12 and a really slept on team. No, I've never been to Lubbock that's why I'm ready to get down there.

RaiderPower: You mentioned wanting Tech to offer. Has Morris or Jones talked about a possible offer?

Sparks: They've giving out hints they haven't officially said it but I have a strong belief they will.

RaiderPower: Would that be your first offer? Who else are you hearing from?

Sparks: I got offers from Texas State and Arkansas State. I hear from them TCU,Texas,SMU, Colorado State and Houston a little.

RaiderPower: Ah, my bad on the offers. I'll update your profile. Who else have you visited and who do you plan on seeing this offseasons? Also any camp plans?

Sparks: I've visited SMU already. But I'm going to TCU on the 17th, SMU on the 19th and Texas State on the 26th and possibly Texas April 16th. I want to camp with Texas, Houston, Tech if I don't get offered Saturday or spring, SMU and OU and some more if they don't come up (to school).

RaiderPower: I'm assuming you're going to go to spring practice on Saturday. What are looking for? Anything you want to see in terms of practice style, the facilities, gear or anything?

Sparks: I'm looking forward to seeing their offense in person, the facility and uniforms.

RaiderPower: How did the visit to SMU go and when did you visit?

Sparks: It went well, talked to really all the coaches. I will visit there again on the 19th.

RaiderPower: What is your current height and weight? Also, do you have an official 40 time?

Sparks: 6'0, 165,4.65.

RaiderPower: One more question. How would you describe yourself as a player, what do you bring to a team?

Sparks: I can bring you quick and easy yards, I can also be a deep threat down field. I can do damage in the slot. To be honest I feel like I can be a big impact in any team's offense.

RaiderPower: Alright. Is it cool if I holler at you Sunday for a visit recap?

Sparks: Ok that's cool.

RaiderPower: Thanks for your time, have fun on the visit and I'll holler Sunday.

Sparks: OK, I appreciate it.

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