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Choice Cuts from Texas Tech Spring Camp

Linebacker Dakota Allen (pictured above) was one of several Red Raiders who answered questions from after practice Sunday.

Keenon Ward

  • On the new strength and conditioning coach Rusty Whitt: "It's been pretty intense. Probably the most intense strength and conditioning staff I've been around in the last four years. They're serious about what they do and it's just gonna make us stronger."
  • On defensive backs coach Karl Scott: "He brings a lot of energy and he knows what he's talking about. I've been around a lot of coaches and I can say I trust him as a coach and what he's telling me, I believe him."
  • On anything different about David Gibbs in his second year: "He's focused on us making turnovers. He came in the first day and said we're gonna lead the nation in turnovers. He says that every day. That's the only thing he's really pressed on, specifically."

Justis Nelson

  • On defensive backs coach Karl Scott: "He's a great guy. Real personable. Easy to talk to. He's real aggressive on the field. He knows what he likes and what he wants so he's a good coach. He's coaching us hard."

Dakota Allen

  • On returning to spring football: "Feels good. I feel like the guys on defense have a big grasp on Coach Gibbs' defensive scheme and hopefully we can execute it better this year."
  • On freshman linebacker Jonathan Picone: "We have high expectations for him. Hopefully he can learn the defensive scheme very well and I'm gonna be there to help him through it so we have high expectations for him."
  • On the most difficult thing about playing in the Big 12 as a freshman: "Speed. Speed of the game is very fast. Very dynamic offenses that the Big 12 has. But we're getting used to it."
  • On strength and conditioning coach Rusty Whitt: "He's something else, but I feel like that's exactly what we need in our program. I feel like a lot of guys are starting to straighten up and be about team instead of themselves. So yes, I enjoy Coach Whitt and his new staff."
  • On freshman linebacker Jamile Jackson: "Jamile, he's definitely catching onto everything, the scheme of the defense and the linebacker footwork is just a lot different than DB footwork, but I definitely feel he can step up and help the linebacker corps on this team."
  • On the difference between Rusty Whitt and his predecessor, Chad Dennis: "He's definitely more of a lift guy. But one of the things we really like about him is that he believes in stretching. We stretch a long time. He really believes that flexible muscles are strong muscles."

Justin Stockton:

  • On what was the most important thing he learned from DeAndre Washington: "He was a complete back. He always watched film and did things right on and off the field. If we had any questions he was there to answer them."

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