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Choice Cuts From Texas Tech Spring Camp

Offensive line coach Lee Hays (pictured above) and the rest of the Red Raiders completed their final practice before Spring Break. talked with coach Kliff Kingsbury and several players after the workout for an update from camp.

Today was another day in full pads and the last practice before the team goes on Spring Break. 


  • "It was good, second day in pads. I feel like we got a lot better than the first, which is encouraging. You can tell everyone is ready for Spring Break, so lot of energy and had a good practice." 
  • Today's standout: "You know Payton Hendrix is a guy in our secondary, playing safety, that has been all over the field making plays, which is exciting. He played sparingly last year, but expecting him to have a larger role. Jett Duffey is doing some good things at quarterback as a true freshman. He's made some good throws, playing with confidence, so it's good to see that first week." 
  • On the secondary: "Yeah, they are battle tested. That group has been through some stuff, played a lot since they were all very young, and grown together. I think coach Scott is doing a good job developing that relationship there. So, I'm encouraged. They understand this conference and understand what they have to get better at, so they have that goal in mind." 
  • On DJ Polite-Bray: "Physicality [is something they were looking for in him]. He's a bigger guy we have, 195 pounds. He can run, he played receiver his freshman year so very athletic, very physical and brings a bigger body. So we will see where he fits in." 
  • At running back Kingsbury said that Justin Stockton is getting a lot of reps with the ones, and that Corey Dauphine is getting reps with the ones as well. 
  • On the basketball team: "Yeah, that's awesome. I'm a Red Raider through and through so I cheer for all the other programs. I think it's fun to see what he has built and what he is building with all that young talent they have and to go to games and it be packed and rockin' It's very exciting. 
  • On basketball's success inspiring his team: "Yeah, I think so. The baseball program, soccer, golf, track everybody is having success so we are definitely hungry over here and working towards that." 
  • Spring break advice: "No pictures."

Malik Jenkins

  • On the defense as a whole: "Man, we are definitely getting better. There are just small things like lining up compared to where we were last year, and just us playing together as a group last year and growing up together, for the Spring it's starting to click a little more. We know how each player plays so that has helped a lot defensive chemistry wise. 
  • "...I feel like there is no weak piece in our defense, it's just about coming together and making this thing work out."

Reginald Davis

  • On the QBs: "It's super competitive, like super, everyday everyone is trying to get better. So, I mean they are pushing each other...It's great." 
  • He said that KeKe Coutee and Tony Brown are the younger receivers that are impressing him the most right now. 

Tevin Madison

  • On coach Scott: "I mean he is a cool dude. You can already tell he is a hard worker, he is one of the first one's here out at practice. He always has us out there early. He is really working hard, knows the defense and knows what he is doing."
  • He also said that Cameron Batson is the guy sticking out to him on the other side of the ball, and Willies and Bowman are transitioning very well. 

Baylen Brown

  • On Akanonmu and Steele: "They are getting there. It's all mental reps, physical reps, getting out there and practicing every day will help them get better and they will be good for the fall." 
  • He mentioned that Cody Wheeler has been "doing well," and Terrance Steele, Tony Morales and Robert Castenada are the guys standing out right now. 

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