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Oklahoma LB Kyrei Fisher is One to Watch

Tulsa (Okla.) Union linebacker Kyrei Fisher is hearing from several schools including Texas Tech and Red Raiders linebacker coach Zac Spavital (pictured above). Fisher spoke with about his interest in Tech, his overall recruitment and his style of play on the gridiron.

Tulsa (Okla.) Union linebacker Kyrei Fisher has all the right measurables at 6-foot-2, 220 pounds with 4.6-second speed. He was also productive last season as a junior for one of the top programs in the nation, finishing his first season at Union with 71 tackles and four sacks.

Now Fisher, who says he feels just as comfortable playing inside linebacker as he does outside, is looking for a home and his first offer.

Fisher is hearing from several schools and figures to pick up some offers during the upcoming spring evaluation period. Texas Tech is one of the programs who he says could be a nice fit for him for several reasons.

Fisher details those reasons, his game and his overall recruitment in the interview below.

Raider Power: What’s the interest level from Texas Tech? How much are you hearing from them?

Fisher: With Texas Tech, I hear from them not as much as I’d like to. I’ve talked to Coach Tevin Mims, Coach Spav (linebackers coach Zac Spavital). 

RaiderPower: What about your recruitment overall?

Fisher: Tech is one of the teams that hasn’t been in contact with me that much, but other teams like Kansas, Nebraska, TU (Tulsa), Colorado State, Wyoming, those schools have been in contact with me 

Raider Power: You said you did talk with Coach Spavital and Coach Mims a little bit. What did you talk about and when did you talk?

Fisher: Oh it was a couple weeks ago. Basically, they just said they like my size, they like my tape, they want to see me in person. Just basically that they like my tape, that I’m a physical kid with good speed, the same thing all the coaches say.

Raider Power: Tech is really big, especially their defensive coordinator Coach (David) Gibbs, on seeing guys in person. Did they talk about coming out to see you this spring?

Fisher: Yeah. Yeah, they’ll be there along with a ton of other teams.

Raider Power: You mentioned some earlier, but who all is in the mix, which teams are you hearing from the most?

Fisher: Right now, I mean there are so many letters, but at the moment I would say Nebraska, Tulsa, Navy, Colorado State, Sam Houston, Wyoming, Ohio and a couple other ones.  

Raider Power: You know, I did watch your highlights and I haven’t seen you play in person, but I have covered Union a couple times when they came up to North Texas in the past. Are you kind of surprised with your size and speed and productivity combined with the fact you do play at Union, that you don’t have a lot of offers yet or not?

Fisher: I would say I probably don’t have a lot of offers at the moment because I’m a transfer from Owasso. Kids on my team who have offers right now have been in the program for awhile. At Owasso my coaches were real big about seniority so I didn’t play much. When I got here to Union all my Owasso coaches told me I wouldn’t start there and stuff like that. You know I came out here and started, had a strong junior campaign and at the end of the season people got to know who I am. That’s when I started to pick up fire, I guess you could say and here in the past two months I have had a ton of schools sending me mail, calling my phone.

So I guess I can’t say that I’m not surprised, because I have only started for a year at Union. If at the end of next year if I don’t have about five scholarship offers I would be surprised. I mean I know they’ll come in the spring. 

Raider Power: Yeah, looking at your size, speed, your tape and everything it looks like it’s all there to be honest given the level of competition, too. 

Fisher: Yeah, yes sir. 

Raider Power: Is anybody looking at you at tight end or is it pretty much all at outside linebacker?

Fisher: It’s mostly at outside linebacker at the moment. Next year they’ll have a lot more packages where I can catch touchdowns and I can block a little bit, but I’m more of a defensive type player.

Raider Power: Is that what you want to play, defense?

Fisher: Oh yeah. I love being the hammer, not the nail (laughs). 

Raider Power: (laughs) I hear you. You mentioned you wanted to hear more from Tech. What is it about Tech that you like?

Fisher: I guess location. They have a good team. They are rebuilding, obviously. The defense needs help and I feel like I can come in there play early and help the defense, bring physicality and leadership. I just like the situation I guess you could say.

Raider Power: Yeah. Now, I ask this of every Oklahoma prospect I talk to because I have been doing this for years and this just rings true, but if Oklahoma or Oklahoma State offers are you staying in-state?

Fisher: Honestly at the end of the day I would say Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, they could offer me, but if I’m more comfortable with a team out of state, then I’m with them. I’m not really big on names. If there’s a pair of Nike shoes and a pair of knock-offs, if the knock-offs are better I’m going to get them. 

Raider Power: Do you have a favorite, is there anybody you grew up rooting for?

Fisher: I would say growing up I had family rooting for OU of course, and I’ve had family rooting for Texas Tech. It just depends who is playing I guess.

Raider Power: So you had family who rooted for Tech? Who was that?

Fisher: Yeah my uncle, he knows a little bit about Tech.

Raider Power: Have you been to Tech or Lubbock before?

Fisher: I have not. 

Raider Power: I guess the next step is for them to come see you in the spring, but do you have plans to visit Tech or anywhere else anytime soon?

Fisher: Maybe after spring ball when they see me in person they’ll invite me out there and I’ll definitely come out there. But, I’ve had visits already. Last week I was at Nebraska. Friday I was at Sam Houston. The week before Nebraska I was at TU (Tulsa). This week I’m going to Colorado State and then the week after that I’m going to Kansas. 

Raider Power: Nice. How were those, how was Nebraska?

Fisher: Ridiculous. The facilities. I’m a guy who had never been to a big university like that and seeing everything Nebraska had to offer was ridiculous. Sam Houston is a really good team. They have a bunch (to offer), just the academics, the facilities and everything there was just great. I’m looking forward to Colorado State and Kansas. I heard Kansas is really nice, too. And the coaches at both schools (Nebraska and SHSU) are just welcoming, made me feel like family, just comfortable.

Raider Power: Great stuff. Is there anything I’m missing or anything you’d like to add about Tech or your overall recruitment?

Fisher: Yes sir. Look for me blowing up in the new future. I have a Rivals camp I’m going to and I plan on representing. Then, I just look forward to the future.

Raider Power: One more question, I forgot. How would you describe yourself, do you see yourself more of an outside linebacker or defensive end and then just how you play the game?

Fisher: I could see myself at outside linebacker for sure or moving me back into the middle because I do bring a lot of physicality and size. Nowadays defenses with outside linebackers are more speedsters you know more like DBs, so I could see myself moving back in the middle. But describing myself I would say I’m definitely physical, a leader with a high football IQ 

Raider Power: Alright, I really appreciate your time, I wish you good luck and just keep me up to date with your recruitment. 

Fisher: Yes sir, thank you. 

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