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Texas Tech Legacy Silas Robinson Recaps Recent Visit

2018 Yoakum lineman Silas Robinson dishes on his recent visit to Texas Tech, breaks down his overall recruitment and details his impressive family heritage of college football players, including two former Red Raiders. Texas Tech assistant coach Lee Hays (pictured above) is leading his recruitment.

2018 versatile lineman Silas Robinson, who has played both tight end and defensive tackle for Yoakum, visited Texas Tech earlier this month and the trip made quite an impression on him. 

In fact, Robinson said the Red Raiders are one of his top two choices after the visit because the coaches made him feel so at home. 

The 6-foot-5, 285-pound athlete, who projects both as an offensive and defensive lineman at the next level, is looking for his first offer, but expects one to come soon.

Get all the details from Robinson’s visit to Texas Tech and his overall recruitment in the interview below.

Raider Power: First off, how'd the visit to Tech go?

Robinson: Great, I loved meeting (OL) coach (Lee) Hays. He seemed like a coach I could see myself playing for.

Raider Power: Is that where they're looking at you for OL or DL too?

Robinson: Just OL right now.

Raider Power: You mentioned Hays. Is he leading your recruitment? How long had Tech been recruiting you?

Robinson: He is who I met when I visited. He told my offensive line coach he was interested in me right after football season.

Raider Power: Who invited you out to Tech?

Robinson: My coach said he would take me up so coach Hays could meet me.

Raider Power: Ah. What else did you do during the visit? Anything stand out other than Hays?

Robinson: I met all the coaches. Talked with coach Kingsbury for a second then I watched film with the O line. They were impressed for how big I was and how athletic I looked.  While I was there they took my height and weight and I was 6'5 285. They told me theY’re very slow on offering and like to evaluate all their players. All the coaches made me feel at home. Because of the coaches they are in my top 2.

Raider Power: Did you get a chance to check out a practice? If so what did you think?

Robinson: I did.  I think the defense will be better than people expect.

Raider Power: Aw man. You're going to make a lot of Tech fans happy when they read that statement. Lol. Did Hays or any of the coaches say if they plan on visiting you this spring?

Robinson: They want to. But I live 8 hours away from Lubbock,. Coach Hayes said he wants to make a trip down.

Raider Power: So overall, what do you think of Tech and the program? Where do you stand with them?

Robinson:  I think that they are going to be better next year I see them beating other teams in the conference next year that they shouldn't beat. Under coach Gibbs the defense will consistently get better. And with coach Kingsbury the offense will always be top 10 in nation and 1 or 2 in the conference

Raider Power: Speaking of the conference, I saw you also visited Baylor recently. How did that go?

Robinson: Good, they actually are interested in me on offense and defense.

Raider Power: Do you have a preference of where you play?

Robinson: No, just whatever is best for the team.

Raider Power: Did either Tech or Baylor  say where they see you playing on the OL? Do you think you'll be a tackle for sure or might you slide inside?

Robinson: No, and it's hard for them to see because they've only seen me at tight end. I'm pretty quick though. I ran a 5 flat forty and my goal is to run under 5 at their camp.

Raider Power: Which one of their camps are you going to and is there a chance you play TE at the next level?

Robinson: Hopefully the one in New Braunfels and no I don't think so.

Raider Power: Anything else stand out during the Baylor visit?

Robinson: No sir nothing special. I do respect both of them though for not dm me early because I know it's against the rules for them to.

Raider Power: Have you visited anywhere else recently? If so who and how'd it go?

Robinson: UTSA. They told me they are going to offer me at their camp.

Raider Power: Nice. What did you think of their campus, facilities, etc.?

Robinson: It's all really new. They'll be getting better under the new staff.

Raider Power: Are there any other schools in the mix or anybody you're interested in hearing from?

Robinson: My dad played at Texas so it would be cool hearing from them but they haven't showed much interest.  My uncle and cousin actually played at Tech and my grandpa at OU.

Raider Power: Wow! That's quite the heritage, man! What's your dad, uncle, cousin and grandpa's names?

Robinson: Bo Robinson is my father, Wendell Robinson is my grandpa, Ty Robinson is my uncle and John White is my cousin.


Raider Power: That's really cool. I covered John. He was a maniac on special teams. Has he ever talked about what it's like at Tech? If so what did he say? Also, who do YOU root for when those teams play?

Robinson: He loved it because Lubbock still had a small town feel. And I just kinda rooted for whoever I was with. But I would always root for the Texas teams not OU

Raider Power: Alright, this is great stuff. Thanks for your time and please keep us posted on your recruitment.

Robinson: Yes sir, thank you.

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