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Choice Cuts: Kingsbury Talks Midland Practice

Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury answered questions from gathered media following the annual scrimmage in Midland on Saturday.

Note: There was quite a bit of racket down on the field after the game, and it muddied up my recording pretty badly. I did my best to provide an accurate transcription of what Kingsbury said.

On Stockton: “He’s been great ever since he stepped on campus. I tell everybody, if it weren’t for DeAndre Washington everybody would be talking about Justin Stockton already, and they will be this fall. He’s as explosive a back as I’ve coached and he’s gaining a lot of confidence so I expect him to have a great season.”


On the other backs: “Demarcus keeps coming on. Q has found his role. He’s a senior, a veteran who kind of leads that room. He can catch the ball and he can be a lead back. With Corey Dauphine we’ve got to get him tightened up on ball security, but he’s explosive.”


On Duffey: “He did good. He was a little shaky on some of his earlier throws, but he hung in there. All spring he’s never acted like all of this is too big for him and by fall camp he should be flat out, which is what you want. We’ll keep working with him, but for his first live scrimmage he didn’t do too bad.”


On Batson: “He’s had a great spring, and he’s another guy who’s waited with an exceptional player in front of him. Cameron is a 4.0 student who works as hard as anybody on our team. He’s really beginning to understand the wide receiver position and we expect him to really come on.”


On Willies: “He made a heck of a play and can really extend the field. Reg gives us some of that, but when you’re 6-foot-5 and can jump like he can it’s a big deal. So it’s fun to see him get that ball and he’s starting to get more comfortable with things. He missed a few practices earlier in the spring but with his work ethic who knows what can happen?”


On Willies’ Goalpost Dunk: “In this situation I let ‘em have fun because they know we’re not gonna do that in a game. But out here let’s have fun; it’s fun for the fans and we try to put on the best show we can.”


On Desmon Smith: “We like him a lot. He’s a tough-nosed kid, west Texas kid, which is kind of how you expect ‘em. He’s very physical, loves football, works hard, has earned everything he’s gotten and you know that when you meet him. We expect him to come in and play, we don’t plan to redshirt. We’ll find a role for him and throw him out there and let him do what he does best.”

Photo By Steven Chapman

On the play of the lines: “They did good. They rotated a bunch of groups. It wasn’t exactly ones on twos all the time, or ones on ones. I’ll have to watch some film but there’s some younger guys, Gary Moore and obviously Breiden, Kolin Hill that made some plays today.”


On the defense overall: “Like I said, I’ll have to watch some film. The way they rotate is different from the way we rotate. I thought the energy was good. They created a couple of turnovers, which is what we want.”


On Steele and Stawarz: “Steele, redshirt freshman. Has the size, physicality, work ethic, all the things you want. We expect him to be one of those starting tackles; we don’t know which one yet. And then Stawarz, he’s still got a ways to go, but we’ve got three years with him so we’re really trying to find that fourth piece. We feel good about Baylen and Murphy, Tony Morales and Steele and a bunch of guys are battling for that fourth piece so it’ll be a good battle the rest of spring camp.”


On some of Pat’s miraculous throws, KK being a former quarterback: “I can’t or I couldn’t make them. I’d still be playing if I could do what he can do. His improvement, not playing baseball but focusing on football has been incredible so it’s scary to see what he’s gonna do this next year but I’m excited to watch him. He’s been phenomenal all spring.”

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