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Choice Cuts from Spring Camp

Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury and selected players, including receiver Cameron Batson (pictured above), answered questions from the media after practice Tuesday at Jones AT&T Stadium in Lubbock (Tex.).


  • On Midland: "I thought effort was good overall. Way too many penalties on offense, the defense gave up a couple plays on some busted coverages, but guys were competing hard, the guys we knew that would play well played well, so it was good film to learn from."
  • On the WR rotation: "Yeah, we are just playing everybody. With Dylan [Cantrell] being kind of banged up, Reg [Reginald Davis] has gotten more reps and JaDieon High has gotten to play since Derrick wasn't playing as much. Tony Brown got a little banged up, so we are rotating them through. They know that the best guy has to play and we feel like we have a ton of depth at that position and they have done a nice job competing everyday."
  • On Dylan Cantrell: "He practiced today and it looked fine. We just have to get some consistency with him. Get him in the flow of things these last two weeks. He's looked sharp." He added him not playing in Midland was precautionary and "not wanting to throw him out there to quickly."
  • On defensive backs: "I'd say Paul Banks has been the best overall that I have seen consistently. D.J. Polite-Bray is coming along, but I think Paul, you heard his name last year but didn't play much, in the first couple of weeks has really stepped up. (He's) feeling really comfortable in coach Gibbs' system, and has made a bunch plays on the ball and has improved a lot."
  • On the front seven: "I thought they had some great plays, particularly pass rush when they got us in third down situations, but some of that tempo stuff I don't think they handled that great. As far as we're going fast, and they got to get their hand down and be effective against the run. I didn't think at times they really reacted the way we need to."
  • On the rush end position: "Right now we are rotating Kolin Hill, Zach Barnes, Gary Moore, Jacarthy Mack, Kris Williams a bunch of guys back and forth from the end to the stand up guy, just seeing where it fits best." He added that Jacarthy Mack has really had a good Spring and "every time you turn on the tape he is making plays," but is a little undersized right now. He's 190 and they want him to 220.

Cameron Batson

  • On Midland: "I feel like we had a good scrimmage as a team. We have to cut out the mistakes, we had a lot of pre-snap penalties and false starts, other than that I feel like we have done a good job of getting things warm for our offense and getting some kinks out. I think we did a good job Saturday."
  • Who sticks out on the defense: "I would say Justis [Nelson] has been doing a good job as far as covering me. You know, we butt heads every day but it's a good thing. He's done a really good job."

Justis Nelson

  • On moving around: "They have been having me at nickel, but also at corner and I rotate every other practice or so."
  • On playing nickel: "It doesn't bother me at all. Last year I played some nickel, and some safety, so just wherever the coaches need me. Everyone knows how to play every position, so it just wherever I'm needed."

Baylen Brown

  • On Midland: "I think we came out and played pretty good offensively, that was pretty obvious. I think the o-line came together as a group, young guys coming up and making plays."
  • On o-line tempo: "First off, it started slow but now they are picking it up. When you learn what you are doing the more you don't think it about it as much and keep going. Pat pushed the tempo for us and the more he pushes us the better we will be."

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