Xavier Martin Talks Epic Elite 11 Performance, Texas Tech

RaiderPower.com caught up with 2017 Cibolo Steele quarterback and Texas Tech commit Xavier Martin about his impressive Elite 11/Opening performance last weekend in Houston and for an update on his recruitment.

Cibolo Steele quarterback and Texas Tech commit Xavier Martin is just that; committed to the Red Raiders solely as a quarterback.

Martin is coming off his junior season, his first season as the starting QB, in which he led Steele to a 14-1 record and all the way to the Class 6A Division 2 state semifinals. Despite operating in a run-heavy system, Martin passed for 2,048 yards and 21 touchdowns with just three interceptions to go along with 678 yards and eight scores on the ground. 


The Scout three-star prospect recently raised eyebrows across the state with his impressive performance at the Elite 11/Opening regional in Houston. 


The Nike camp afforded Martin the opportunity to show off his arm strength and accuracy while confirming his status as one of the most athletic quarterback prospects in the Lone Star State by running a laser timed 4.43-second 40-yard dash and posting a 120.39 Sparq score, which was not only the third best of the day regardless of position, but the second best score posted by a QB. Ever.

RaiderPower.com caught up with the Red Raider commit about his performance and current standing with Tech in the interview below. 

Raider Power: First off, I saw you put up an impressive score at the Opening over the weekend. How it go from your perspective? Break it down for me.

Martin: I thought Elite 11 was great, I feel like I did really good. I felt like I showed I can compete with the best in the state even though people have me labeled as an athlete, I'm really strictly a QB. It was cool finishing in the top guys and being able to represent the QBs, I was the first QB ever to participate in that event (fastest man) and that's a great feeling.


Raider Power: I've tried to explain to people about your arm, but like you said people like to label players. How'd you throw over the weekend and how are you progressing as a passer?

Martin: I think I threw really well. During the day I only incompleted 4 or 5 balls the whole day and then during the finals I went 3 for 5 during the 7 on 7 so I was proud of that. And I'm progressing really well, I've worked on just getting quicker with my feet and getting bigger this off season not really throwing but doing that has helped my throwing because my feet are a lot better.


Raider Power: As far as Tech, how are things going, how often do you hear from the coaches? You hear from any of them about your performance over the weekend?

Martin: I talk to Coach Morris and Coach K probably about once or twice a week, and yes they told me they're really proud of me and they expected me to do good. They say they're excited for what I can bring to their offense.

Raider Power: watched a lot of Steele film after the season honestly mostly to write more about Bryson and Antoine who were about to sign and you really grabbed my attention with your combination of speed and arm strength. Describe for Tech fans what you bring to the table at QB and what you'll bring to the offense?

Martin: I think I personally bring athleticism, arm strength and accuracy. A lot of the times I had chances to make plays but my coach didn't want me to run the ball too much in games that didn't matter so I wouldn't get hurt but the games that did matter like Judson, and Desoto and Brennan I turned it up running and throwing the ball wise. And with my arm I can sit back in the pocket all day. When I got hurt and wasn't able to run when we played Clemens I didn't run one time but I went 14-17 passing. So even though I can run I can still throw like a quarterback.

Raider Power: I think we already asked about this, but just to be thorough. What was your reaction to Coach Jinks taking the head coaching gig with Bowling Green and does that change your status with Tech at all?

Martin: Coach Jinks leaving didn't change it I committed to a school not a coach.

Raider Power: Do you have any plans to visit Tech anytime soon?

Martin: I probably won't visit until my official.

Raider Power: Tech's had a couple decommits in the class recently. Does that concern you at all? Are you actively trying to help recruit anybody?

Martin: It doesn't concern me, we'll ball with or without them. And Adam Beck.


Raider Power: Yeah, we've interviewed Beck a couple times and he seems to be interested. Anything you can share about what y'all talk about?

Martin: We've just talked about getting him up to tech and how much we want him.

Raider Power: Well, what's next? Are you running track this spring? If so how's it going?

Martin: I start running track again next week. My coach wanted to save me again for district.

Raider Power: What events are you competing in?

Martin: The 100, 4x1, 4x2, and long jump.

Raider Power: Alright, thanks for your time and congrats on all your success.

Martin: Thank you, you're welcome.

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