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Arlington WR Talks Texas Tech Offer, Visit Plans

Arlington Oakridge receiver Bronson Boyd details his offer from Texas Tech, his visit plans, multiple ties to the Red Raiders, overall recruitment and timetable for making a decision. Outside receivers coach Emmett Jones (pictured above) is leading his recruitment.

2017 Arlington Oakridge receiver Bronson Boyd announced Thursday via Twitter he picked up an offer from Texas Tech. 

The 6-foot-3, 183-pounder told the offer from the Red Raiders was especially sweet because his mother went there and his receiver coach, Carlos Francis, was a star receiver there once upon a time.

Boyd, who caught 60 passes for 1,143 yards and eight touchdowns last season, is a Scout three-star prospect rated as the No. 16 receiver in Texas and No. 62 in the nation.

Oakridge head coach Phillip Farhat went into greater detail on Boyd’s talents and what he brings to the table.

“Bronson is 6-2 and will be an outside receiver in college. He has good speed, good ball skills, and good hands. He has only played football for one year. His upside is tremendous.”

Get the lowdown on what Boyd likes about Tech, his visit plans, his relationship with his coaches, who is recruiting him from Tech, his overall recruitment and more in the interview below.

Raider Power: First off, full disclosure here, I graduated from Oakridge back in the day, played football and basketball there. My older bro even played with Coach Farhat a couple years. So, I'm already a big fan. How’s Oakridge these days?

Boyd: Really?! That's great, and it's actually pretty fun works challenging and the coaches are great.

Raider Power: What's Coach Farhat like as a coach?

Boyd: (He’s a) great coach, I love coach Farhat.

Raider Power: Yeah, he was always a good guy. I went to Oakridge with his younger bro, David, who is an all-time great guy. But... Texas Tech. How'd the offer go down, which coach did you hear from and all that? Break it down for me.

Boyd: Coach (Emmett) Jones was the one who offered and he called Coach Farhat to tell him and let me know as well. He's been recruiting me since the start of this season.

Raider Power: What was your reaction when coach told you?

Boyd: I was extremely excited. Tech is one of my favorite schools and my mom and receiver coach went there so this was big.

Raider Power: Who is your receiver coach?

Boyd: Carlos Francis.

Raider Power: Wow! Carlos Francis is your WR coach? When did you start working with him and how did that happen?

Boyd: Yes sir, and start of this year. He works at my school and we also train outside of school as well.

Raider Power: Also, when did your mom go to Tech? Does she want you to go there or is she hands off?

Boyd: I'll have to check but sometime in the early 90's. She would like me to go there but she hands off mostly.

Raider Power: You said Coach Jones has been recruiting you for a while. What is your relationship like? What does he say about how you could fit in at Tech?

Boyd: Yes sir since I believe October, and we have a great relationship. He's from Dallas so I connect with him very well. He said he needs a receiver like me that's big and has speed to take the top off the defense.

Raider Power: How has Coach Francis helped your game? What does he say about Tech?

Boyd: He's helped it a lot, he's made me so much smarter. He says he would like me to go to Tech but he will be hands off.

Raider Power: Have you visited Tech before? Any plans to visit soon?

Boyd: No sir and I plan on visiting for the spring game on the 16th.

Raider Power: Scout has you with offers from CSU, Purdue, Wisconsin, New Mexico and Tech. Are we missing anybody? Also, who are you hearing from the most?

Boyd: ULM, Tulane, UTSA, Nevada are other ones(who have offered). (I’ve visited) OK. State so far. I'm taking a visit to A&M this weekend and Tech next.

Raider Power: Do you have a favorite or group of favorite schools yet and do you have an idea on when you want to make a decision?

Boyd: I don't have a favorite group yet, I'll be sorting them out next month after spring ball.  I plan on committing before this season so around the start of June or July.

Raider Power: Nice. What are you looking for in a school and program?

Boyd: Academics first then how well my relationship with a coach is and how they are developing players to play at the next level.

Raider Power: Do you know what you want to study yet?

Boyd: Yes sir. Biology or business.

Raider Power: Alright, this is great stuff. Is there anything I'm missing about the offer from Tech or your overall recruitment? Anything you'd like to add?

Boyd: No sir, not right now but I will let you know.

Raider Power: Thanks for your time and congrats on all your success. We'll probably holler back at you after the spring game for a visit recap if that's cool?

Boyd: Yes sir that's cool.

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