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Choice Cuts From TTU Spring Camp

Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury, quarterback Patrick Mahomes, receiver Dylan Cantrell, cornerback Justis Nelson and linebacker Dakota Allen answered questions from the media following the final spring practice Friday at Jones AT&T Stadium in Lubbock (Tex.).

Player Updates:

  • Robert Castenada is "not with us [the team] currently." Kingsbury said he wanted to leave it at that and did not comment if he'd be back in the Fall.
  • D'Vonta Hinton was held out today out of precaution and he's dealing with a "head area type thing." 
  • Kingsbury said they are working through the transfer situation with Eli Howard and "If we could get him eligible, we would really like that."
  • Devin Lauderdale is expected to return to the team this summer according to Kingsbury. 


  • On overall thoughts today: "I thought it was competitive. One again, situational coming out of some third downs, red zone, wanted to slow it down and get some really good film for the offseason that we could coach off of and I think we did that." 
  • On defense overall: "I think they just got better and better. Like I said we wanted to slow it down, give a good picture, let them see things and react, let our guys on offense kind of play straight up and I thought it was competitive." 
  • "Nobody feels comfortable. Nobody thinks they have a position locked in. That's been great. That's what you want. It's probably been my most fun spring because of the youth and the hunger and competing, doing things right and being coachable everyday."
  • On Reggie Davis: "His Spring has been awesome. I see him on the path like Jakeem where the light goes on knowing it's the last time as a senior. That's what he has been doing. His work ethic has picked up, intensity picked up, his focus. I saw the same things in Jakeem last year going into his senior year. I hope he has the same result." 
  • On punt returner: "That's a great question. I don't think we would name a starter right now. I think we feel like we have a bunch of good guys that can do it. That's where Lauderdale played last year an we expect him to be back this summer, so it will be a good competition." 
  • On the d-line: " There is definitely more depth when you look at the numbers and we have a bunch more coming in that are freshman that are going to have to play. That first group has really come a long way. Young guys that haven't played a lot but very athletic, very tough...I felt all Spring we have been able to run eight guys out there that can really perform at a high level." 

Dylan Cantrell 

  • On coming back: "It's been awesome. Finally going full go and 100%. The biggest thing last year was it was just hard at times knowing I could be out there contributing and helping out my team. Not being able to play with them, practice, travel, that was tough at times. I think everything happens for a reason, so I'm excited for this season."

Pat Mahomes 

  • "I think we are coming in hot. We had a great couple of weeks out there. Everybody was competing hard. WE are just going to carry that to the summer and into summer workouts and compete in the weight room and go from there." 
  • On fixing the little things: "I think I have improved a lot. Just in the last couple weeks I have been focusing on taking whats there and taking what they give to me. I came out today and made one of those bad throws where I was greedy and tried to make a big play every time. Overall I feel like I have gotten better at that." 
  • Biggest area of improvement: "I would say pocket presence. I haven't really ran out as much, really scrambling. I have kind of stayed in the pocket getting down my reads and throwing the short ones to the running backs as needed. Not as much scrambling around every single play." 
  • On his chemistry with Kingsbury: "It's become awesome. He's given me the freedom. The touchdown in the two minute drill that we did in the beginning he just told me to check it with one second left and putting it in my hands, so that just shows the confidence he has with me the whole Spring. 

Dakota Allen

  • On his interception: "That was a good call by coach Gibbs because I dropped back to the middle back of the end zone and Pat didn't see me so he just threw it. I could tell as soon as he released it he was like aw man the caught the interception."

Justis Nelson 

  • On finishing Spring: "Definitely [the note we wanted to end on]. We got turnovers, made some tackles. We know the offense slowed it down a little bit for us so coach King thank him for that. We made turnovers, made plays so it was good." 
  • On his interception: He said he was supposed to bat down the ball, but it "didn't go so well," so he had to go up and grab it against Willies. 

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