Symons Ready to Take Control

Texas Tech quarterback B.J. Symons may have spent the last three seasons in the shadow of Kliff Kingsbury, but he's prepared to make the most of his senior season as the Red Raiders' starting quarterback. Symons brings a powerful and accurate arm along with a great understanding of Head Coach Mike Leach's spread offense to the table.

B.J. Symons say that his biggest strength is his competitiveness. "I strive to be the best when I'm on the field, and I want to be the best when I'm out there," said Symons. This competitiveness has helped him earn the respect of his offensive teammates in the huddle. "They know what I'm all about, and I've been here long enough that I have their respect," said Symons. "I've got the respect of the receivers, and the O-line, and they have my respect too. It's going to be a good mesh when I'm in the huddle."

The spread offense is a complicated offense for quarterbacks to learn because it involves numerous reads, and relies on the decision-making abilities of the quarterback. Symons has spent four years learning the intricacies of the spread. "As far as the offense goes, there's nothing I need to learn," said Symons. Secure in his understanding of the offense, Symons is focusing on making plays. "It's just going to be executing when I get on the field," said Symons. "I don't think we'll have a problem with that."

Every quarterback knows that his offensive linemen can make or break his season. Symons seems very happy with this season's line. The offensive line is entering this season with four returning starters. "They lost Rex Richards. He was a great player for us, but we have other guys that are eager to get in there and do the job" said Symons. Symons pointed out how the offensive line has improved under Head Coach Mike Leach. "They've steadily improved from year to year since Coach Leach has been here," said Symons. "You've just been able to see the improvements from season to season, and I don't think it's going to be any different. I think they're just going to continue to get better."

Quarterbacks also need the help of their wide receivers if they are going to have a successful season. This is especially true in the spread offense because yards after the catch are an essential part of the offense. Symons couldn't be happier about the Texas Tech receivers. Symons emphatically stated, "It is the best receiving corp in the country, no doubt about it." What makes this such an impressive receiving corp? According to Symons, the answer is playmaking ability. "Nobody in the country can match the playmaking abilities that all four of those starters, and even the guys behind them, can do," said Symons. "Everybody knows what Wes Welker can do. You got a glimpse of what Nehemiah Glover did last year as a backup, having 10 touchdowns. He's a playmaker. You know Mickey Peters probably has the surest hands on the team, he's going to catch the ball if you throw it to him. Carlos Francis is probably one of the fastest receivers, if not the fastest receiver, in the Big Twelve, and he's got the hands to go with it." Symons is definitely looking forward to playing with this talented set of receivers during his senior season. "It's going to be a thrill to throw to those guys," said Symons.

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