Hicks Trying to Earn Playing Time

Redshirt freshman Jarrett Hicks is one of several receivers trying to earn playing time as part of the talented Texas Tech receiving corp. Hicks has impressed onlookers during the first week of fall practice, but he has some tough competition among the Texas Tech receivers.

Jarrett Hicks faces some tough competition at the wide receiver position. In addition to the returning players, a number of newcomers have also had impressive showings in fall practice. It's not real clear where he will end up in the rotation right now, but it's probably a good bet that he'll see significant playing time. "In a way it's not my decision, but I'd like to make the best of my opportunities. Hopefully I can nail down that second spot at least," said Hicks. Due to his size, Hicks looks to be a natural fit for the Red Raiders in the red zone, but Jarrett isn't sure about his chances of becoming the go-to man inside the twenty. "I would like to, but to tell you the truth, Nehemiah is probably the best one at running fades because of his body control and positioning," said Hicks. "But I would definitely love to be down there."

Jarrett says that his greatest asset as a receiver is his smoothness. "Stay in control, and on pretty much any route I can go. Doing that kind of confuses the cornerbacks because they don't really know what you're going to do," said Hicks. This has certainly been evident in practices as Hicks makes his routes look effortless. Jarrett also has great catching ability. Hicks has made numerous impressive catches that would have made the highlight shows.

Hicks is looking forward to the opportunity to work with Quarterback B.J. Symons during games. "Let me tell you, he will get it there regardless. It really doesn't matter who's on the other side of the ball, he will find you," said Hicks. He was excited about the way Symons is playing right now, almost three weeks before the season starts. ". I think right now, he's probably at midseason right now. That's scary when you get to the Big Twelve," said Hicks. He expects the offense to be even more explosive in this coming season. "We can definitely put up more points with B.J. back there, and going down field is definitely not a problem with him," said Hicks. "We can go downfield at any time we want, so we can definitely put more points on the board this year."

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