2018 Oklahoma OL Owen Condon Talks Texas Tech Offer

2018 Oklahoma City McGuinness offensive lineman Owen Condon details how his offer from Texas Tech came about and updates his overall recruitment.

Texas Tech is getting an early start to the Class of 2018 this spring evaluation period, sending out a host of offers to sophomores around the region. 6-foot-7, 305-pound offensive lineman Owen Condon is one recruit who received an early offer from the Red Raider coaching staff. 

Condon, who is being recruited at tackle, attends Bishop McGuinness High School in Oklahoma City. 

"The first contact I had with them was when they followed me on Twitter. Coach (Lee) Hays, and the offensive coordinator from Tech. Today was the first I've heard from them."


While offensive line coach Lee Hays and offensive coordinator Eric Morris follow the prospect on Twitter, it's been two other Red Raider coaches spearheading the recruiting effort for Condon on Texas Tech's behalf. 

"Coach Spavital was by the school today, and he talked to Coach Jones about me. They watched my film and all that. Then he told Coach Jones that he was going to offer me. After school when I was going to after-school workouts for the offseason, Coach Jones let me know that they were going to offer me a scholarship and they were going to be back to watch me in the spring."

Zac Spavital is the area recruiter for the state of Oklahoma, and he has been the one in the most contact with Condon, though he also hears from outside receivers coach Emmett Jones.

Condon is an athletic prospect with a huge frame. 

"I guess it'd be coach Spavital because I haven't really had any contact with anyone else. Coach Jones mentioned that they like that I play basketball because that helps with my feet, my quickness, and all that. They just like the way I play."

"We run a spread, we run a lot of that run-pass option. This year we're moving towards a lot of plays that Oregon and Auburn run, those run-pass plays. We run a lot of outside zone."

The big sophomore is pretty familiar with Texas Tech's football program.

"I think it relates pretty well to the offense that I run at my high school. They've been on the come-up in recent years and I think they're going to be pretty strong this year.'


However, he is not that familiar with Lubbock or Texas Tech University yet, though he will change that now he's received an offer.

"I've never really seen campus or anything like that but I'd love to see it and learn about it. I don't really know too much about it right now, but I'd love to learn more in the future."

Although it's still early for Condon, he has done some mulling over his recruitment and has thought through a timeline for making a decision. 

"I've kind of talked about it with my parents and I think that it'd be best to kind of get it done before my senior season starts so I have my senior year to finish out high school and all that. Probably next summer, next July-ish, something like that."

Condon doesn't have any immediate plans to make a visit to Lubbock. 

"Not yet, but now that they've offered, they'll definitely be in consideration. They said they'd love to have me at their camp, so I may go to that. I'm not really sure yet."

He listed what factors will be most important to him as he's making a decision. 

"I think it's important that I get a chance to play. I think it's important that it's a good school, get a good education. Close to home isn't that big of a deal to me, but I'd love to be at a school with a nice campus."

The two Big 12 in-state programs have shown interest but not offered Condon. Would an offer change things or speed up his timeline?

"I don't really think so. I'd like to keep all my options open as long as I can, visit as many schools as possible, and see where I fit the best."

Condon does not have a top group of schools yet. 

"It's really early for me, so I haven't really made any decisions yet. As time goes on, I'll have to narrow it down eventually."

Texas Tech, Ohio, SMU, and Tulsa have all offered Condon. He reports interest from Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Minnesota, among others. 

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