Bruffy Staying Busy During Offseason checks in on 2016 Texas Tech offensive lineman signee Travis Bruffy weeks before he moves to Lubbock to begin his Red Raider career.

2016 Red Raider offensive lineman signee Travis Bruffy moves up to Lubbock in a few weekends. The 6-foot-7, 280-pound prospect has added some good weight this offseason, and is excited to head out to Tech to begin his collegiate career.

"I didn't have a true offseason. I was playing baseball for my school, trying to stay on top of that workout plan, keep my weight up, and also have a senior year. It's been really busy. I'm still at the weight I want to be at, I'm progressing physically, so it's been successful. I graduate on June 3rd and I move in June 5th. It's a pretty quick transition."

Strength and conditioning coach Rusty Whitt has been busy installing his program at Texas Tech, and the incoming signees received a packet containing workout information so they can get a head start before they reach campus. Bruffy discussed some of the activities.

"They're more plyometric-type workouts. A lot of explosive exercises like power clean, box jumps, things like that, really trying to work on those quick-twitch muscles. Same thing with our conditioning and running - there's not really sprints more than about fifty yards, it's all about build-ups, ten yard sprints, stride amounts. It's very unique, I've never seen anything like it. But I guess that's the speed that you have to work at in that offense."

The offensive lineman thinks very highly of Rusty Whitt and can't wait to participate in the new intense program. 

"It's really awesome, coach Whitt, his service record in the Army - he's a war hero. Ex-Green Beret, that's the best of the best. That's the real elite squad of our country. He's been able to perform and execute the most tactical and technical missions our country has ever put out on the battlefield in the most stressful situations. The attention to detail he brings to the program is just gonna be amazing. I can't wait to be up there and be a part of his program, it's an honor."

The assistant coaches have obviously been busy the past couple months with spring football and the spring evaluation recruiting period, but offensive line coach Lee Hays has found the time to stay in contact with Bruffy.

"We've stayed in contact, he still likes what he's seeing out of me. He really supported my baseball-playing this year and was kind of keeping up with that."

Bruffy discussed the areas he'd like to improve in this offseason. 

"Overall, before we get into technique and stuff, I need to get physically stronger. I've always been kind of one of the weaker ones in the weight room, that's what I've really been trying to work on this offseason, but so is everybody else. So hopefully, I'm just cutting the gap closer and closer, and this summer it's really gonna hopefully close the gap altogether because of the diet and regimen I'll be on. Then, when coach Hays works with me when we get back in pads, find out what's really wrong with my technique and throughout my redshirt year I'll be working on my technique."

Ideally, Bruffy will be redshirting in 2016, but an unfortunate injury could change matters quickly - particularly with how thin the depth is at offensive line. 

"They told me that's the plan right now. It kind of depends on how I physically develop this summer. If they need me to play, I'll definitely play. But as of right now the plan is to redshirt."

Overall, Bruffy is excited about heading out to West Texas and is ready to get to work.

"I just can't wait to get up there and become accustomed to the college lifestyle. All of my friends who are currently in college, going through their freshman year, they're saying it's a big adjustment, there's an adjustment period. I'm ready to get that part over so I can get back to the weight room and the classroom and focus on the things I'm trying to excel in at Texas Tech."

Message Bruffy tweeted out on National Signing Day

While most student-athletes prefer to study a major related to their athletic endeavors, Bruffy has a different plan.

"I plan to double-major in finance and either business economics or management information systems. I haven't decided on a second major yet, but I know I'm going to double-major."

The 2016 offensive line signees will all be rooming together this summer.

"I'm rooming with the offensive line signees this summer, Bailey, Zach, and Gio. I've stayed in contact with the other signees, me and Picone are really close, me and Stringer are talking a lot. Me and Gio are pretty tight, too. We mess around a lot, he's a crazy kid. Gio's very unique."

With a redshirt in the plans and coach Kingsbury's no-media policy for freshmen, this will likely be the last time Red Raider fans will hear from Bruffy until 2018 when he is expected to be a redshirt sophomore. When asked, he had one last thing to say to Tech fans. 

"I cannot wait to put my heart and soul on the line under the Saturday night lights there at Jones AT&T Stadium for the next four or five years. I owe the Red Raiders everything and I promise you won't find anybody that works harder than me."

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