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OL Jack Reichel Set to Visit Texas Tech

American River College (Calif.) offensive lineman Jack Reichel details his offer from Texas Tech and breaks down his relationship with offensive line coach Lee Hays (pictured above) and offensive coordinator Eric Morris.

With the announcement from Long Beach CC Jacob Hines that he would not be accepting the offer from Texas Tech, the coaching staff moved quickly to extend an offer to another qualifier they had been building a relationship. That qualifier is American River College offensive guard Jack Reichel.

"[Coach Eric Morris] just called me and said they had a spot open, they weren't sure if they were going to have a spot open for this class. They thought I'd have to come in as a blueshirt. But he said they do have a spot open right now that's mine if I want it, so right now we're just talking about the logistics and see if I can come down tomorrow for a visit." 

Coach Morris has built the relationship with Reichel ever since Hays identified him, and was the coach who called to extend the offer. 

"It's a great relationship. I think I've talked to coach Morris three or four times today, we're just in constant contact trying to get the information to their side, and trying to figure out when I can come out and when's the best time for all the coaches and for me. Just been in constant contact with them."

Things change quickly in recruiting, and in the span of 36 hours Reichel will have gone from enjoying his summer in Sacramento to the campus of Texas Tech to take everything in.

Reichel likes Texas Tech a lot, and can't wait to visit Lubbock to see what West Texas has to offer.

"I think it's a crazy experience, I think it's going to be more than any kid could dream for. It's a big opportunity, everything's bigger in Texas. It would be a lot different than where I'm from, but it would be a crazy big-time stage. It's more than anybody could imagine, going from the high school where I came from."

Kyle Mitchell, another JUCO qualifier who visited and was offered by Texas Tech before committing to Mizzou, had good things to say to Reichel about Tech. 

"Yeah, I did, when he went down there, I saw the pictures and it looked like a lot of fun. He said he really liked it down there, but then obviously, decided to go to Mizzou. But I heard nothing but good things, it looked like a good time and a good program."

Mitchell was identified and evaluated in person by offensive line coach Lee Hays, but coaches from Missouri - another school thin at offensive line - soon found out about the prospect and won his commitment. Jacob Hines, another prospect who visited and was offered, was contacted by Mizzou and Auburn shortly after his visit to Tech was announced on Twitter. 

In the hour or so between when Reichel was offered and when he spoke to this writer, he hadn't heard from any other schools, but wouldn't be interested even if he did due to his very short timeline.

"Not yet, but I have a feeling that might happen. I haven't heard from anyone. I'm just kind of focusing on Texas Tech right now, trying to get out there as soon as possible, because it's getting down to crunch time. I'm kind of trying to take care of business. Maybe if this was happening two months ago, yeah, you know, schools would have time. But I'm gonna have to make a decision pretty quickly, school starts on like the 7th. I'm not really thinking about any other schools right now."

American River College finished 7-4 and averaged over 400 yards of offense a game against one of the toughest JUCO schedules in the country - nearly every school they played had multiple D1 prospects on the roster. Reichel gained some valuable zone-blocking experience while playing for the Beavers.

"We run a lot of zone offense. This spring, we started putting in some power. Most of our plays are inside or outside zone, where everyone kind of moves to a zone and picks up whoever's there. We did put in some trap plays and pull plays, and we've been working on that a lot this spring."

Reichel, who played as a true freshman for American River last season, has four years to play three seasons.

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