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Coach's Take: Texas Tech OL Signee Jack Reichel

American River College (Calif.) head coach Jon Osterhout (pictured above) dishes on what Texas Tech is getting in his former player and late 2016 class offensive lineman addition, Jack Reichel.

American River College was unique this recruiting cycle in that it featured two prospects along the offensive line that Texas Tech extended offers to - Kyle Mitchell and Jack Reichel. The head coach of ARC, Jon Osterhout, took some time to discuss Reichel with and what he brings to Texas Tech.

"I think Jack is extremely excited about the opportunity to continue his football career in the Big 12 conference. I'm sure he's going to represent American River College extremely well there at Texas Tech. He's a big, long, athlete that has tremendous upside left in him still. He was a two-sport athlete in high school, West Campus, which is not a traditional football power. So, he had a lot of maturation and growing pains here at American River College and really flourished in terms of developing the core and advanced skillsets necessary to continue be successful at the next level."

The fact that Reichel has three years to play, and a redshirt available, makes him unique and valuable among junior college additions.  

"The beautiful thing is, he's four for three, so he's going to spend a bunch of time there in Lubbock as coach Hays and the rest of the staff there develop him and mold him into the type of player that everyone expects him to be. He's a smart kid, he's super tough, he's dependable, he fits the mold in terms of what you look for in an offensive lineman. He's a big, square, thick kid that can turn his feet over. He's got a lot of shelf life left in him. I'm excited to see where his career ends up there at Texas Tech because I think the world of the kid. He's very competitive and he's going to fit in really well there. It's just going to take a little bit of time for him to continue to evolve and develop, but I think Texas Tech got a really solid player there along the offensive line."

The head coach discussed his program's reputation with developing trench players who have made it to the next level.

"We've had a pretty good run here over the stretch, I've been here for five years and we've had twenty-five offensive linemen sign out of here. We've got them all over the place. Colorado, Illinois, Oregon State, Arizona State, you name it. We've got them all over the place. We've got a pretty good reputation in regards to developing the talent in that area."

Coach Osterhout got to spend a lot of time around coach Hays and coach Morris this spring evaluation period as they observed practices and bonded with the prospects, and shared his thoughts on the two coaches. "I think coach Hays and coach Morris did a great job. I think that coach Hays was very impressed by quite a few of our offensive linemen, obviously pushed all in on Kyle trying to land him, and then the backup plan, potentially, having Jack Reichel. I've got a lot of respect for coach Hays and his ability to develop talent, particularly in the offensive line. I think he and coach Morris did a good job of asking the correct questions, finding out the intricacies of what make Jack Reichel tick, and I think they felt very comfortable with moving on him once they had those questions answered. I think they did a good job of peeling back the onion, for lack of a better term and finding out who the individual was. Jack doesn't have an abundance of tape to lean on, he played for us and played well, but it didn't necessarily warrant moving on based solely on his film. So coach Hays and coach Morris did a good job of identifying a guy who is a diamond in the rough."

The head coach, who spent two years with Nebraska in the Big 12 prior to coaching at American River College, is quite familiar with Texas Tech's offensive scheme and thinks a lot of what Reichel learned under him will translate to the field this fall. 

"We're a spread offense, we're not Air Raid, but we're spread and we live and die out of that outside zone and inside zone run game. We do have a little gap scheme that we run, we run the ball with the quarterback, and do some different things. But we hang our hat on our wide and tight zone concepts so I think there's going to be tremendous carryover there [with Jack]. From a protection standpoint, the fundamentals in regard to the scheme, they do have the vertical set, it's going to be a little bit different than what we've done here, but nothing that Jack won't be able to get acclimated to extremely quick. He's a good athlete. Former basketball player, as I mentioned." 

There will be some work to do with Reichel, but coach Osterhout thinks his program does a good job of preparing prospects for the four-year level of football.

"In terms of ID'ing guys, and who to push and work in protection to, he's fairly well schooled on an advanced level from maybe a junior college setting, but fairly basic for a place like Texas Tech. In our program, we try to emulate what gets done at the four-year level on a JC budget. Jack understands detailed note-taking, the twenty-nine period practice, all the things that go into being a Division I collegiate football player. I don't think Jack's gonna have any problems schematically fitting into what Texas Tech does offensively. With the carryover of being in a spread, he's going to understand a lot of the similar concepts, it's just changing some of the verbiage around. It's just different terminology."

With all that said, what are some strengths and weaknesses to Reichel's game?

"Starting on the weakness segment, certainly experience at that level is something that he's going to have to get acclimated to fairly quick. Sheer power and strength at the point of attack will be another area that he needs to continue to evolve and develop in. The strength coaches there will help get him there. The redeeming qualities that Jack has is that he's extremely tough, very competitive, loves football, very passionate about the game and the competitive environment that football brings to the table. He's got very good feet, he's got a nice change of direction. He's got a good core, fundamental base set behind him in both the run game and the pass game. He's a guy that is gonna fit in extremely well into the locker room and the team. Low ego, high output. He's just the perfect offensive lineman." 

Coach Kingsbury has prioritized the right personality fit when recruiting football players, with the team moving on from players and prospects who were not a good fit. Coach Osterhout thinks Reichel's personality will serve him well in Lubbock, and that Reichel has a lot of potential left in him.

"He's got a great personality, big smile, and he's gonna fit in really well there with the o-linemen there at Texas Tech, which is gonna translate and permeate into the team segment. I think they got a good player that's a little bit raw, but sometimes those raw players are the best players to coach, because they've got upside, they still have shelf life left in them. I think that's what Texas Tech's getting there with Jack Reichel coming to Lubbock."

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