Session Looking For a Spot

Linebacker Fletcher Session, a redshirt freshman, said that watching from the sidelines during his redshirt year was one of the toughest things he's ever done. Session is competing with Brock Stratton for the middle linebacker spot, but he has also seen time as an outside linebacker during fall practice.

Fletcher Session still isn't sure where he fits into the Texas Tech linebacker rotation. "It's still kind of up in the air, but the past couple of days I've been working really hard, so I don't even know," said Session. Fletcher says the linebackers will be a solid unit no matter who starts. So far both Brock Stratton and Geremy Woods have impressed him. "Everybody is looking real good, especially Brock" said Session. "Geremy Woods is looking real good." Both Stratton and Woods have also spent time at the middle linebacker spot during fall practices.

Fletcher has been impressed with the defensive line play so far. "They're improving a lot." Said Session. Hopefully the defensive line can allow the Fletcher to use his speed to make some big plays. "They're keeping the big boys off of me, so I can make plays," said Session. As a linebacker Fletcher also relies on the secondary to make plays behind him. Fletcher doesn't seem to be worried about the lack of experience at the cornerback position. "Everybody has come on real good, especially Chad and Tim Norman," said Session. "They're coming on real strong."

Has a new quarterback brought changes to the way linebackers have to defend the spread offense? If you ask Fletcher Session the answer is no. "They're the same. Ain't nothing changed," said Session. "They're better. Ain't nothing changed, they still got the crossing routes, the little fades, and everything."

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