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2017 Recruiting Class: Number of Spots Remaining

A look at how many scholarships are still available at every position of Texas Tech's 2017 recruiting class.

QB: 0. One committed. You're not looking at anybody else this class with Xavier Martin, maybe a walk-on or two since Webb transferred and Shimonek is getting up there.

RB: 0-1. None committed. May not be a spot for one this class, but an offer may be extended if the prospect shows out at a camp and the staff really likes their personality/upside.

WR (outside): 0. One committed. Bronson Boyd is your guy at outside receiver and you're not taking any more this class. There might be an exception for an elite outside prospect like Tyrell Shavers, but that's very unlikely at this stage.

WR (inside): 1. None committed. I think you do want to take one this class with the volume of inside guys that graduate (Bowman, Batson, Austin, Sadler). Cartrell Thomas is the top guy here, followed by guys like Chauncy Smart, McLane Mannix, Herb Sparks, and Devodric Bynum.

OL: 1-2. Four committed. I'm thinking one spot will go to whoever commits first out of Will Farrar, Jared Hocker, and Grant Polley, with possible room made for two of the three (maybe not, though). That would happen before the summer ends. If you only land one, then look for a 2017 Dec grad JUCO tackle or a transfer like Grant Polk to be added to get a player who does not clog up your numbers for a particular year and is ahead of all these freshmen/redshirt freshmen.

Rush LB: 1. None committed. Tech is going all out for Marqez Bimage here and if you strike out you'll likely take David Anenih

Interior DL/three-tech: 1-2. None committed. You took so many guys here in 2016, and some of them will get to redshirt, that the cupboard is fairly stocked here. I think they will look hard at the prospects that show up to camps this summer and this is where the majority of the offers will go out. Hozey Haji-Badri may receive an offer if the staff doesn't find enough guys they like during the camps. 

SDE: 1-2. None committed. Wouldn't rule out a 2017 JUCO take to get in front of the freshmen, though you'd probably take an HS guy too if you did that. JUCO guys I'd watch out for at this spot--Devontay Wheatley, Michael Clemons.

LB: 1-2. None committed. I think you go with one HS OLB like Dimitri Moore and one JUCO true MLB.

S: 2-3. None committed. You're targeting Adam Beck and Devodrick Johnson here, chiefly, with offers out to guys like Jordon Curtis and Kris McCune. I think it's possible you take three safeties this class.

CB: 2-4. One committed. Josh Thompson and Matt Hankins are the big targets here. You've got some other offers out and I think Gibbs is the kind of coach who would take any kid who he has offered, in any order. I list four possible spots but really the only way I think they'd take four guys in one room in the same class is to get a versatile JUCO guy who would be ahead of the freshmen.

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