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Grayson Boomer Talks Texas Tech Offer

2019 tight end/defensive end prospect Grayson Boomer already holds five offers including one from Texas Tech. Boomer discussed Tech and his overall recruitment with

The Texas Tech coaches used the spring evaluation period to help identify and evaluate prospects for future classes, and one early candidate for the class of 2019 is Collinsville (Okla.) tight end/defensive end Grayson Boomer.

Boomer, who is already 6-foot-5 and weighs 230 pounds as a freshman in high school, was offered by Texas Tech in late May.

"Right now, we're in spring practice and we're just going through the drills and all that," said Boomer shortly after he was offered by Tech. "Last week, coach Spavital was there to see my brother, he's the quarterback on the team. He watched me, I had a pretty good day. And then this morning, during the spring practice, there were two Texas Tech coaches. After practice, I went home, and my coach called me and said that coach Spavital wants to talk to you, you have an offer from Texas Tech."

How long has the prospect been in contact with Spavital?

"Scouts can't really talk to you, just because of my age. I don't know when they can start talking to me. But he did follow me on Twitter, probably about a month ago. He just started coming to practice, and that's really it. Obviously today I got the offer."

The offer was for defense at defensive line, and Boomer likely projects as a strongside defensive end in Texas Tech's 3-4 scheme.

"Well, I want to play tight end in college, and they offered me as a defensive end. He just said I could play either at the college level. That's pretty much it. He just said that either way, whatever route I go, to choose to be a D-end or a tight end, either way I'm going to be a heck of a college player."

Which position has Boomer spent more time at in high school to date?

"I play both. Last year, I was just filling in for a spot at D-end. I kind of put some film out on Hudl just because I thought I'd get some exposure, coaches would see how well I move for my size and stuff. But I had no idea this would happen. This year, I'll be playing tight end mostly, and a little bit of D-end."

The prospect's older brother, Seth Boomer, committed to play quarterback for Tulsa last week as a member of their 2017 class. Tulsa doubled up and offered Grayson in early June. Does Grayson plan to follow in his tracks or go his own way?

"Definitely go my own way. Tulsa's a great school, great academic program, but I'm wanting to go to a school that uses a tight end quite a bit."

Texas Tech certainly fits the bill there, though not in the traditional way many football fans think of tight ends.

"I remember about two years ago, a guy named Jace Amaro, he was a big tight end there. I followed him throughout his college and NFL experience, he's with the New York Jets now of course. I love the way they used Jace Amaro, that's pretty cool. I'm definitely interested."

Boomer doesn't have much experience being used in the way Amaro was at Tech.

"Right now I'm just kind of an inline blocker, sometimes I'll split out at tight end, like wide receiver. That's pretty much it."

The TE prospect does not have a favorite style of play when he's on offense.

"I'm kind of all over the place. I like doing it all. I like tight end because I enjoy blocking and I also enjoy getting flexed out, getting to catch passes. Making some plays."

With his recruitment blowing up, Tech was only the latest in a series of Power Five schools to extend an offer to Boomer.

"Texas Tech was my fourth offer. I've got Nebraska, Iowa State, and Oklahoma State."

A recent offer from Tulsa makes five. Those schools are by no means the only ones in contact. 

"Florida State's one, Oklahoma's one, Tulsa's one, and that's about it for right now. Bama's kind of one, but they just followed me on Instagram and that's about it for right now."

With offers and interest coming in from all over the country, Boomer doesn't have a favorite at this point. Though he is a Cowboy legacy, he is open to playing for other schools as well.

"Right now, I really don't know. The only game I've been to is Oklahoma State, my dad went there. I toured there, their facilities and all that. Besides that, I've never really been anywhere else aside from Oklahoma State. But this summer, next summer, all that stuff, I'm really looking forward to venturing out and going across the country to see different colleges."

He also has no plans to visit any schools yet. 

"Not yet, not so far, but that could obviously change. I'll probably go on some, but I just don't know where just yet."

Boomer doesn't have a set timeline, and instead will base his decision on where he feels most comfortable while visiting.

"I feel like if I go someplace on a visit, and I feel at home, I like the style of their offense, then I feel like I could make a decision. But right now I have no idea, I have zero clue where I'm gonna go."

Grayson Boomer holds offers from Iowa State, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, and Texas Tech. He is receiving interest from Alabama, Florida State, Oklahoma, and Tulsa, among others. 

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