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Reactions from Texas Tech Satellite Camp in Houston caught up with dozens of recruits who competed or visited Texas Tech's mini camp Tuesday at Houston Episcopal High School.

We will be updating this story with quick-hit interviews all week. 

Tuesday-9:52 p.m.

Spoke with Beaumont West Brook corner Chris Bishop. Bishop felt he had a great performance at the camp, winning the majority of his one-on-ones. Coach Karl Scott has been in contact with him for a while and spent some time with him after the camp, telling him he'll be in contact. While Beaumont is just about as far as you can get from Lubbock and still stay in the state, Bishop loves Texas Tech (he grew up watching the Red Raiders) and location isn't a factor for him.

Bishop wasn't told his 40 time but listed speed as one of his key strengths as a prospect. He weighed in at 5-foot-11, 178 at the camp.

I've had my eye on Bishop for a while and wouldn't be surprised if he got offered, given the fact that the coaches came out to see him during the spring and that he competed well in the camp. Doesn't hurt Bishop's case that DB offers are committing elsewhere, either. 

Tuesday-9:59 p.m.

Spoke with Will Farrar and we'll have a full story on his commitment soon. He told me that Marqez Bimage was in fact in Lubbock last week. He also is very close to Adam Beck, who was at the camp today, along with Quincy Addison.

Farrar will be graduating in December and can play any position on the line. He had a great time visiting the camp and spending some time with the staff.

Tuesday-10:32 p.m.

Just got off the phone with 2018 four-star Anthony Cook and while he and Al'Vonte Woodard didn't make it to the Tech camp, he spoke very highly of Texas Tech. We should have a story on him soon.

Tuesday-10:47 p.m.

Spoke with 6-foot 183-pound 2018 Clear Brook QB Jaizac Garcia.

  • "It was just a really good camp in general. I liked it a lot."
  • On Kingsbury and the coaching staff: "I liked him. He's a really good coach. He was telling us what to do, his orders were easy to follow and well-explained. I like y'all's coaches, they seemed really enthusiastic, and they just helped everybody that needed help."
  • "I feel like I did good. I was just feeling it, whenever I started throwing it I really started feeling it. People that I was throwing to felt it too, because they were asking me to throw it to them. So I was just feeling really good and confident in myself."
  • "Some of my boys were there from Clear Brook with me, and my main guy, I've known him since seventh grade, Caleb Chapman, he's my main receiver, I always throw it to him. He was dominating, so of course I threw it to him like three times. We looked really good. There were a lot of good receivers there and they wanted me to throw it to them."

Jaizac Garcia HUDL

Caleb Chapman HUDL

Efforting to interview Chapman as he had a really good day today, check out some of the plays he made:

Tuesday-11:05 p.m.

A 2018 inside receiver who had a really good day today at the Tech camp was Sterling Galban out of Burnet, Texas. The 5-foot-10, 160-pound prospect has been tearing it up on the camp circuit this season, and despite muddy conditions at Bellaire Episcopal he was able to impress the Texas Tech coaching staff. He spent a lot of time with Coach Jones, Coach Morris, and Coach Kingsbury after the practice, and they told him they are going to be in contact. He ran a 4.52 against the wind in bad conditions, but consistently clocks in the 4.39-4.45 on turf.

Here are some quotes on Galban:

  • "The camp was awesome. Great atmosphere, had music bumping - up-to-date music so you knew they knew what's up."
  • Asked if any of the coaches hit the dab: "I didn't see any of them hit the dab, but I did."
  • Back to the camp: "They had a lot of great drills that they were doing. The one-on-ones were really good too."
  • "The one-on-ones that I did, all three I won. I actually made a dude fall on the curl [route]. The coaches loved what they saw out of me today."
  • On the coaches: "Coach Morris is awesome. Very exciting coach to be around. You could tell he knows his stuff. His play-calling is awesome too. I could relate to him because we played the same position, and we kind of play the game similar. Very cool dude."
  • "I talked to coach Emmett Jones, coach Morris, and coach Kingsbury, and they all had good things to say about me. They said they're going to keep in contact with me this week and they said they're going to look through my Twitter. Hopefully I can get that offer."
  • "Actually this Friday I'm going to visit the University of Tulane, then Saturday I'm going up to Southern Miss to do the same thing. I'm getting a lot of interest, I'm expecting something really soon. Oklahoma State invited me up to their camp too. Utah also shows a lot of interest." 
  • On a possible favorite school: "Whoever offers me. I'm going to keep an open mind. Texas Tech though, I feel like I could fit in really well there and I would love to go to school there. Beautiful campus, great atmosphere."

Overall, I think Galban is one to keep an eye on as the coaches seemed to really like his performance. Below are some highlights of Galban. Here is his HUDL.

Tuesday-11:13 p.m.

Craig Williams tells me he wasn't able to make it to the camp today, but tells me he really wants to visit campus this summer.

Tuesday-11:14 p.m.

Ashton Smith couldn't make it to the Houston camp due to traffic, but will be competing in the Dallas camp on Thursday.

Wednesday-12:04 a.m.

Spoke with 2017 ATH Ben Mathiasmeier, I'll be writing a full story on him but Coach Gibbs took him aside and talked to him for five minutes, told him he's offerable and that they've got some DB spots open. Matthiasmeier had a pick-six during the one-on-ones and also spent time at inside receiver.

He's one to keep an eye on, particularly with his dad's connection to Tech.


Wednesday-12:10 a.m.

One quarterback that made some noise out there for Tech was Zach Gomez, a 2018 QB out of Mercedes HS in South TX. At the camp, he was 5-foot-11, 186. Ran a 4.58 40-yard dash at another camp (he didn't remember his 40 today).

  • "I just went all out. I really wanted to impress coach Kingsbury today. After the camp, I talked to him for a bit and he told me that I have a cannon, that really made me happy."
  • "I've always thought that Texas Tech was a great football program, and then when I had heard about Kingsbury heading over there, having coached up Johnny Manziel there at A&M, I just had to go see what that guy was all about. It was nothing less than I had expected."
  • "We actually run a spread offense [at Mercedes], very little under center."

Zach Gomez HUDL

Wednesday-12:26 a.m.

Wednesday-12:31 a.m.

Jackie Fillmore III and I spoke earlier this evening. The 5-foot-10, 167-pound ATH ran a 4.5 40-yard dash against the wind today (tells me he usually runs a 4.4). Class of 2017.

  • On his experience at the camp today: "Today, it was a good camp. I liked the DB drills. I like the coaches, they actually talk to you, they work with you. I liked that. They give you the same coaching that they do their own players. I learned a lot from them. In the one-on-ones, I did both [corner and receiver]."
  • Fillmore talked to coach Morris the most. 
  • On Texas Tech and the coaches: "It's a good place. I feel like the coaches carry themselves a good way. They know what they're doing. DBs, they run kind of professional drills. They actually care about their players. They've got a good atmosphere around them."
  • On his performance at the camp: "I did good. The first time I went, I went against a four-star receiver. The first time, he caught it because I slipped off the line. But I went four times. The other three times - the first time I caught a pick, and the other two times nobody else caught the ball. I went against some dude that was tall, he was from Cy-Ridge or whatever [ZT: Kevin LeDee]. I went against him and caught a pick on him. Then I went to safety and caught a pick on that, then the other time I caught the ball. I had a good one-on-one."
  • "The coach that was bringing us out and stuff, he was loud. I liked it. He was loud with it, the same as our coach. He was everywhere, getting us hyped." 

Jackie Fillmore III HUDL

I don't have any film on him at the camp, but here's a video of him doing some very impressive footwork:

Wednesday-1:01 a.m.

Looks like Silsbee 2018 WR Kalon Barnes got offered after the camp.

Think an offer has been in the works for a while for Barnes... staff really likes him and he's definitely one to keep an eye on. HUDL

Wednesday-1:03 a.m.

James Brown, speedy 2017 5-foot-10 RB out of Stafford, DM'd with me a little and we should be setting up an interview later this week. Brown tells me the camp experience was "amazing" and that he "loved working with coach Foster".


Wednesday-1:06 a.m.

Quentin Brown II out of Conroe is another guy I DM'd with a little that I'm likely going to interview soon. 6-foot-2, 190-pound DB with some good speed.

  • "I had a good time. There was definitely some great competition out there and I learned a lot of things from coach Scott and the other coaches that I can add to my game and also work on leading up to the season."

Quentin Brown II HUDL

Wednesday-1:10 a.m.

Hanif Muhammad tells me he was supposed to be at the Texas Tech camp today but couldn't make it. Probably one to keep an eye on at DB.


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