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Texas Tech Offers Dallas Carter DL Jarell Cherry

Dallas Carter defensive end Jarell Cherry reacts to picking up an offer from Texas Tech on Friday.

Several offers for the class of 2018 were issued following the Texas Tech satellite camps this past week, and Dallas Carter DE Jarell Cherry was the latest in that class to earn his. The 6-foot-3, 230-pound defensive lineman was swarmed by the media after the camp and spent a lot of time talking with the coaches after the camp was over. 

"It actually happened when I was meeting the head coach after the camp. They kind of discussed how they were going to get in touch with my head coach, and they want to offer me."

The offer completely floored Cherry.

"I'm feeling very blessed. I'm very happy to have my very first Power Five offer. I'm just astonished right now and feeling great."

The defender spent quite a bit of time talking with defensive line coach Kevin Patrick after the camp was over.

"We actually discussed how everything was going to go. With the recruiting process, they like to get in contact with the head coach and go through the process of offering. Other than that, congratulations and just to enjoy myself for right now."

What were some things specifically discussed with the coaching staff as a whole?

"They talked about my potential, what I can be playing that position at defensive end, as a pass rusher. They told me I have a great chance to be great down the road, and that I can take my career in football very far, as long as I keep working on my moves and do what they told me to do, and not stop working hard."

Several other Power Five schools are showing considerable interest in Cherry as of now. 

"Apart from Texas Tech I'd say Oklahoma State, Tulsa, Iowa, and Iowa State. OU as well, Purdue, Arkansas, and Baylor as well. Another one that is strongly in contact in TCU."

How does the Tech offer stack up with the interest from the other schools?

"I love the whole coaching staff there. The bond with them is great. I learned a lot from them during the camp, like I said before. I am going to look more strongly into them academically and make sure they have my major [business or engineering]."

It's early in the process for the Dallas prospect, and he doesn't have a timeline for a decision set up yet - he's just enjoying the process and taking it all in. 

"Not currently at all. I'm currently working on getting my offers up right now. I'm really enjoying how much I'm learning from all these colleges, every camp that I've been to so far. I can't really say that I'm really close to making any type of choice on where I want to go, but I will say that I'm learning a lot from the schools that have offered me, and I'm confident that I'll stay in touch with them down the road."

Cherry is one of the first defenders offered in the class of 2018, and the staff getting in on him early means a lot to the prospect. 

"It feels amazing. I'm very blessed that they got to put their eye on me first, and I feel that this chance to be able to play at Texas Tech will not be forgotten."

His summer, already a very active one to date, isn't over yet as he plans on taking a few visits and camping. 

"Yes, I actually do. I'll be visiting U of H, Louisiana-Monroe, and I will visit when Baylor comes here."

While Cherry hasn't visited Lubbock yet, he's planning to take a visit - hopefully as soon as a couple of weeks from now. 

"Actually I've never been. I had heard that they're going to be back down there around July, that's the time I'll start planning to head down there, just to get a feel for what Lubbock is like."

Academics will end up playing the biggest part in where Cherry decides to commit and sign. 

"I would like to have a low student-to-class ratio. I would like to see a high graduation rate, beyond the football team, with my major."

Cherry holds offers from Texas Tech and SMU. He reports interest from Arkansas, Baylor, Houston, Iowa, Iowa State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Purdue, and TCU, among others. 

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