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Adrian Frye Talks Texas Tech Commitment

Houston Eisenhower cornerback Adrian Frye breaks down why he committed to Texas Tech immediately after he was offered.

Texas Tech added another defender to its 2017 class on Friday with the commitment of Houston Eisenhower cornerback, Adrian Frye

Frye, who really stood out while competing at the Bellaire Episcopal satellite camp, received the surprise offer from his future position coach over the phone. He committed on the spot.

"I was talking to coach (Karl) Scott earlier today, we were keeping in touch and seeing how things were going. He told me to call him later on. Once he texted and gave me the okay to call, I called and he told me I was getting an offer to Texas Tech. I told him I was ready, that I was committing. He said, 'okay, just make sure you tweet it out.' Then I gave the phone to my mom and he was talking to her."

The new commit interviewed with RaiderPower a couple days ago after the camp, and said that Texas Tech was a "no-brainer" for him. He explained why he liked Tech enough to pull the trigger. 

"I did my research on Texas Tech. I looked up what majors Texas Tech had to offer, I looked up the past football seasons and how they were putting out players, and they were graduating and getting to the NFL and all. I just felt like it was a good fit." 

Family played an important part in Frye's decision.

"My family's from Houston, so I figured that I wanted them to get the chance to see me play football. Texas Tech isn't too far of a drive, and my family will still be able to come see me play. My grandparents live out there, so I'll be able to see them and spend time with them whenever I have free time."

Since evaluating him at the satellite camp, coach Scott worked hard to build up a relationship with the prospect prior to extending an offer. 

"Me and coach Scott, we're really close as far as I can see. We've had the chance to bond since the camp, and we've been talking. We have a lot in common since we both come from the same area. He had the chance to play against us when he was in school, in the playoffs. My freshman year, we played against Hastings, it's just something we have in common."

Frye was impressed by the coach's energy during the camp, and likes his style.

"At the camp, he was fired up and ready for us to give one hundred percent of our effort, during every play and every rep. That's just the kind of coach that I like."

When asked whether he was going to shut his recruitment down, Frye had not finalized that decision yet and wanted to consult his family first. However, he does not plan on visiting or competing at any more camps this summer.

"I'm not going to any more camps or anything. Honestly, I'm not sure [about shutting down my recruitment], I'll have to talk to my mom about it. I'm not sure if I want to shut down my recruiting or I'm just going to be open and let other schools get in contact if they want to."

Adrian Frye committed to Texas Tech over offers from Colgate, Grambling State, Louisiana-Monroe, McNeese State, and Texas Southern. 

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