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Texas Tech's 2017 Class: State of the Union

Raider Power takes a closer look at Texas Tech's 2017 recruiting class following a string of commits. How many recruits will Tech sign overall and at each position? Which prospects are atop the coaching staff's board? Get the answers inside.

I know there was some positive feedback for my last article discussing thoughts on spots left, and I did some research after my conversation with Jarret for the RECRUITING SCOOP. Here's the state of the 2017 class. I'll be doing this periodically throughout the year. 


QB: 0-1. One committed. There's thought among the staff that Mahomes might have the kind of year where he leaves early, and if that happens you want to bridge the gap with a JUCO quarterback you feel really good about. I spoke with Trinity Valley QB Michael Curtis (HUDL) right after the Longview camp and the staff really liked what they saw out of him. He's a three-for-three guy that is eligible to join a program in January. If you don't have a spot and Mahomes stays, you really want Curtis as a PWO and put him on scholly the next semester. Very intelligent prospect who has a rapport with Derrick Willies. 

RB: 1. None committed. You're going after a big, fast JUCO running back here that graduates in January. Tyree Range (STORYHUDL) is the primary target here and will be offered soon. I think he's Tech's to lose at this point. You don't have anybody like him on the roster that's as big, strong, and fast.

WR: 0-1. One committed. You may take an inside receiver this class. Cartrell Thomas remains the primary target here, with McLane Mannix likely the number two guy if Thomas ends up elsewhere. Thomas is a playmaker and would be a handful at H.

OL: 0-1. Six committed. Whether there's a spot here depends on what happens on the other side of the ball. You really like Grant Polley and he really likes you; just a question of if there's a spot for him. Would be a nice pickup at guard.



DE: 2-3. None committed. To simplify things, I've grouped the Rush OLB/SDE positions together. You're really targeting Marqez Bimage here. We'll have a story soon, but he really liked his visit to Texas Tech and I think your chances with him are much better since you got him out to Lubbock. On the other side of the line, I think you end up taking a JUCO SDE like Devontay Wheatley to add some depth without impacting the 2018 playing time sell.

DT: 0-2. None committed. You just don't have a lot going on here and the Duncanville/Oklahoma camps next month will be big for the staff, identifying prospects and going after them. I haven't talked to him but one guy that Coach Patrick talks to on Twitter is Josh Rogers out of Houston Christian; not sure if Tech is in the picture there. Another possibility is Cody Gardner out of Klein Oak, who was at the Houston satellite camp.

LB: 2. None committed. The picture is pretty clear here; you're going after one HS OLB that can really cover and one JUCO MLB. The HS OLB would be Dimitri Moore and the JUCO guy is Tony Jones. Guys who don't hold offers to watch at that outside spot are Dorian Andrews and Austin Hawley. If you strike out on Jones look for another JUCO guy to be offered this fall at that middle backer spot.

S: 0-1. Two committed. Devodrick Johnson is the sole target here, and I'm not for sure that you take one if Johnson commits elsewhere. You have a couple nice prospects at safety committed already.

CB: 1. Two committed. Your primary target here is John Davis out of Euless Trinity. Davis offers the size, speed, production, and versatility you're wanting at this spot, and he's a package deal with baller 2018 safety Cameron Jones. I know you've got offers out to Matt Hankins and Noah Daniels as well, and I'm not sure what the situation is with them as I haven't spoken to them, but I know you've probably only got one spot left here.

Overall Thoughts

On offense, the class is practically done which is very exciting. The staff has accomplished a lot in addressing needs and not creating more problems in terms of numbers on this side of the ball (taking two or three more receivers this class would just be too many scholarships in one room). Adding Range, Thomas and Polley if you're confident Mahomes stays and don't blow up at DL next month would make this a really impressive haul of recruits.

Defensively, you love what the staff has done with defensive back. I will have a better idea of what the plan is at defensive line after the Duncanville and Broken Arrow camps, but don't be surprised if the staff goes light at DL this year with all the kids that you're looking at for next year - you want to have plenty of room when you're pitching to those kids, and not take anybody just for the sake of taking them this class (especially with all the guys who will redshirt this fall). I wouldn't expect many DL JUCO offers to go out until this fall after you get a better idea of what they can do on the gridiron. 

Overall, you've got about 8 or 9 offers to play with and a few of those offers can go to different spots depending on how things shake out. I think this will end up being a great class which adds some playmakers in the secondary that fit the Gibbs mold and goes a long way in fixing the depth problems you've got at OL. The class also doesn't unnecessarily load up at positions you 1.) have a bunch of guys at already and 2.) want to hit heavy in 2018. I don't think you'll have to deal with any decommits this class with how tight they all are. 

Please note there's a lot of deduction/guesswork involved here, and situations can change very quickly.

Total committed: 12

Total spots remaining: 8-10

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