Chad Jonson: Starting CB?

Chad Johnson has emerged as one of the leading candidates for a starting job at cornerback. The freshman stayed in Lubbock over the summer so he could participate in drills and strength training. Will this extra effort get him the job?

Even with the extra work, Chad Johnson isn't sure where he fits in at cornerback. "We got a lot of good guys out there. We've got eleven corners, all eleven can play," said Johnson. While these numbers do provide a lot of depth at cornerback, there isn't a lot of experience to draw on. This has led to a wide open race for the two starting positions. "There's going to be a lot of competition out there," said Johnson.

Even with his limited experience with the defense, Chad thinks the defense will be a big improvement over last season. "Awesome. We're going to be good. We got a long ways to go, but we're going to be good," said Johnson. What does he credit this improvement to? "We got the best coaches in the country I believe. We got some of the best hearts as far as working hard," said Johnson. Part of working hard involves the off-season strength and conditioning program. The addition of Bennie Wylie as the football strength coach has helped create a solid program. "Bennie Wylie is unreal. There's not a player out here who's not in shape that's been here through the summer," said Johnson. "That's motivation for us, you know. He keeps us going."

After facing the Texas Tech receivers on a daily basis, Chad had a piece of advice for any cornerbacks who have to face them in the future. "Our opposing corners, it's time to go to work," said Johnson. "We got some good receivers and they're going to work, so I advise opposing corners to go to work also."

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