Texas Tech Fan Q&A with Kingsbury and Players

Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury, offensive lineman Baylen Brown and defensive back Justis Nelson answered questions from fans, Raider Power subscribers Monday at Big 12 media day in Dallas, Texas.

jarand: What is the most important thing(to you) that you have learned since becoming a head coach?

Kingsbury: I think you better have your hands on everything. When I first got here I was probably too offensively oriented. I kind of let things play out in other areas. As you get going you realize you better touch every piece of your program and that's the biggest thing I've figured out.

TTUinCo: With this new S&C program, What is the biggest difference from the S&C program this year compared to last? Then you personally, have you noticed a difference?

Nelson: Definitely. This strength staff is more disciplined. They are instilling that discipline in us. If one person shows up late to anything it affects the whole team. So, we're doing everything, we're doing up downs... it's just that discipline. You know coach Whitt's background, he was a Green Beret so he knows all about discipline so we are working hard when you don't want to and that's what he's instilled in us."

maskedrage: who is your hardest challenge to take one on one on the d-line?

Brown: I would say Breiden Fehoko when it comes to interior defensive linemen. Since I'm a tackle now Gary Moore and Kolin Hill. Those are two other guys who are the biggest challenge on the ends.

Padres11: Where does the defense stand this year heading to camp compared to last year?

Kingsbury: I think last year we were still learning Coach Gibbs' scheme, his expectations, what he wanted to do. Then this year they know it, they have been through it, there's a lot of veteran guys coming back on that side of the ball, we added a couple transfers--they had to sit out last year, but we really think they will impact the program--but the understanding of the defensive system.

micobray: As far as the secondary goes. Who will be the breakout player that everyone will be surprised about?

Nelson: We had a lot of DBs make a lot of plays last year and in crucial moments, too. I honestly feel like it can be anybody; Jah'Shawn, Tevin, Keenon Ward, Payton Hendrix s going to get a lot of playing time, maybe some of the freshmen, Paul Banks. We have playmakers all over the secondary. 

NCRaider: I'd be interested in learning more about which true freshmen will/might play this year? How was summer camp?

Kingsbury: Yeah, they had a good camp. Defensively, we're going to play them all I think. We're going to throw them in the mix, provide some depth--in our league, as many plays as you get you gotta have lots of depth--so they'll probably all play. They worked hard, Coach Whitt's had a good program for them. Offensively, Jett was there in the spring. T.J. Vasher is a guy physically can do it. We'll see if he can do it. Then those offensive linemen will probably get thrown in the fire pretty quick, too, so we can see if they can play. 

Follow up: Is there a chance Vasher plays or will he redshirt?

Kingsbury: We'll see. You know, we're going to play the best players and I've seen him do some pretty incredible, athletic things. It's just whether he can pick up the system, the speed and physicality and then we'll go from there.

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