RP Rapid Fire: Big 12 Expansion

The staff discusses Big 12 expansion, the top Texas Tech fall camp position battles, which Red Raider team will have the best season and more.

1. Big 12 expansion. For it or against it? 

Alyssa: I'm for it. 

Jarret: I'm for it because I want a conference championship. Whether it's true or not the perception is the Big 12 is a lesser conference because of the lack of a championship game. The Big 12's own research bore that out in terms of sending a representative to the playoffs. I don't like the idea of a conference championship after a round robin schedule, though so yes, bring in at least two schools, split the league into two divisions and have a "Dr. Pepper Big 12 Championship" game on prime time national TV. 

Joe: For. Better to be aggressive than passive in this situation.

Zach: Against it if it includes UH or SMU. It just further dilutes Texas Tech's recruiting, which will hurt the football program. This isn't the 1980s where Tech could land big-time football players in its own backyard - demographics have shifted tremendously and the Permians etc. of the state aren't winning titles any more. If UH joins the conference, what does Texas Tech have to offer a recruit that another school closer to home doesn't?

2. If the Big 12 expands as it looks like it will, should it go to 12, 14 or 16 and which teams would you like to add?

Alyssa: I think it should be 12, after all it is called the Big 12. I think they should add Florida State and Colorado State, no more Texas teams. 

Jarret: I don't care if it's two or four. If two I would like BYU and Colorado. If four I would like to add Memphs and UCF.

Joe: I believe it will expand to 14 teams, which to me is a good number. Sixteen could be even better, but I don't believe there are six schools worthy of inclusion. I expect Colorado, Cincinnati, Houston and BYU to be added. I've got a fondness for New Mexico, so I'd like the Lobos to be added instead of Houston, but I don't foresee that happening.

Zach: 14 and pick up BYU, Colorado State, Cincinnati, and UCONN. All out-of-state schools which don't significantly hurt Tech's recruiting. 

3. What position battle are you most interested in heading into fall camp?

Alyssa: Pretty much the whole defensive line. I think it will be interesting to see the freshman that are in the mix there. 

Jarret: The safety battle between Keenon Ward and Payton Hendrix. They both will probably play, but who's going to get the majority of the reps? Who will emerge as a player?

Joe: The DT battle between Broderick Washington and Ondre Pipkins.

Zach: Mike linebacker. Looks like D'Vonta Hinton may be making a serious move, which would be great. He's a heat-seeking missile. 

4. Who will have the better season in 2016-17? Tech football, basketball or baseball?

Alyssa: Despite loosing a lot of big names I think Tadlock and the baseball program are due for the best season. 

Jarret: I'm tempted to go baseball because it's unwise to bet against Tadlock and co., but they have to replace a lot while the hoops team is expected to return a veteran group and have added some really nice pieces. It's hard to believe, but I think the basketball team will be the best of the group. 

Joe: Basketball. I'm expecting Beard's Boys to be highly salty.

Zach: I'll go out on a limb and say football. The schedule is favorable and I think the defense takes a step forward.

5. Take any trips this summer? If so where'd you go and how was it?

Alyssa: This summer I went to Big Bend at the beginning, which was absolutely beautiful. I just got back from New Braunfels with the family which is always a fun trip with all the cousins.

Jarret: My wife, 4-year-old son and I went to Pensacola Beach for a week and had a blast. A family friend let us stay at their luxury condo we normally would never be able to afford so we lived it up. It was one of the best trips of my life and none of us wanted to leave. 

Joe: No summer trips thus far. 

Zach: Went offshore fishing for red snapper back in June out of Port Aransas. No pics (we were too hot/tired/irate to take pictures) but we caught our limit and caught some kings as well. Hit the speckled trout pretty hard that night, too.

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