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Texas Tech Offers Louisiana RB AJ Carter

Many (La.) High School 2018 running back AJ Carter discusses his offer from Texas Tech and recruitment, headed by running backs coach DeShaun Foster (pictured above), with

Texas Tech extended another 2018 running back offer yesterday as Louisiana prospect AJ Carter picked up his first Power Five scholarship. The 6-foot-1, 220-pound running back, who runs a 4.55 40-yard dash, discussed the offer.

"At football practice, the Texas Tech running backs coach had called my coach and I found out about the offer over the phone."

Texas Tech's Air Raid is fairly different from the offense they run at Many High School, close to Hemphill, Texas.

"We run a two-wing, with two running backs in the backfield. I'm the tailback. I had 1,523 rushing yards, but I also played defense - free safety. I was playing both ways." 

Carter spoke about running backs DeShaun Foster.

"He has a lot of experience. He can teach me a lot of things that will me a better player and help me reach my potential."

He also spoke about his thoughts on Texas Tech.

"They have a great program, I always watch them and I like them. I never thought I would get an offer from them, though."

Carter spoke about how the offense has produced so many yards on the ground while continuing to sling it through the air.

"Their offensive line has to be doing something good for them to get that. I watched their running back Washington, he had like 1,400 or 1,500 rushing yards last season, I watched him while he was there."

With an offer in hand, Carter plans on visiting Texas Tech this fall.

"Me and my coach are supposed to be setting that up. We're supposed to come and see y'all. It's most likely going to be for a game."

What is Carter hoping to learn more about while on the visit?

"The academics, the amount of players they graduate, most likely."

Historically, many Louisiana prospects have opted to stay close to home rather than go abroad. It does not sound like location will factor in for Carter, however.

"Nah, that doesn't matter. As long as I can go to a school and play right off the top. And then I want to feel like I'm at home while I'm at college. Feel comfortable around my coaches and the players I'm going to ball with."

Is there a timeline in place for making a decision?

"I've been thinking right after my junior season."

Regardless of offers, are any schools standing out at the moment?

"No sir. Texas Tech is at the top of the list right now though."

Louisiana Tech and Texas Tech have offered. He reports interest from TCU, Mississippi State, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, among others.

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