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Q&A with Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes caught up with Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes for an interview Sunday during local media day at Jones AT&T Stadium.

RaiderPower: First off, how's it been going for you today? What's kind of been the main question, or main theme for you today at media day?

Mahomes: Pretty much the main theme has either been not playing baseball, the depth of the receivers or losing Jakeem (Grant) and DeAndre (Washington).

RaiderPower: Alright, I'll ask you about the offensive line then. How's the offensive line coming together and how do you see things playing out with them this fall camp?

Mahomes: They're coming together really well. The guys who have that playing time have taken that leadership role with Tony Morales, Justin Murphy and Baylen Brown. They have taken those younger guys under their wing. The younger guys, they are young, but talented, really talented so I'm excited to see them get on the field and kind of prove to everybody they're here.

RaiderPower: I've asked you a lot about the offense in a couple past interviews so I'll ask you about going against the defense. What has that been like? Who has really stood out to you in the spring and in summer, like 7-on-7?

Mahomes: Paul Banks is a guy that is really been good about playing the receivers. I mean he's going against good receivers and is really showing that since that injury he's come back strong. Some other guys are Luke Stice, who is a guy who has for sure been out there. He's learned from I guess you could say; all the little tricks he's already learned and picked those up. I feel that will help him out a lot. D-line wise Gary Moore of course is just looking like a monster over there.

RaiderPower: Then the no-look passes have gotten a lot of pub. Is that something you might actually use in a game or nah? 

Mahomes: It's something that I actually might use. It's something that has to come naturally, I can't just really try to do it. If I do it I will complete it I tell you that, or I will be in a LOT of trouble (laughs).

RaiderPower: (Laughs) Pretty much from everyone too, right? 

Mahomes: Yes (laughs).

RaiderPower: We have seen the no-look passes, we have seen some of the crazy stuff you can do outside of the pocket, what is next from you? What haven't we seen yet?

Mahomes: Just me in the pocket this year is going to be a lot better. I feel like I'm going to make some of those big-time throws. The strength program has added a lot of little zip to my ball, especially on the 18-yard comebacks and stuff like that. I will be able to make those big-time throws in the pocket.

RaiderPower: Point blank, Texas Tech will win big if... finish the sentence.

Mahomes: Texas Tech will win big if the offense and defensive line step up like I think they will.

RaiderPower: Alright, anything else you'd like to add about the upcoming season or going into fall camp?

Mahomes: Just expect big things. We're going after a Big 12 championship.

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