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Q&A with Texas Tech DE Kolin Hill

Texas Tech strongside defensive end Kolin Hill sat down with Raider Power to discuss his brother transferring in, the upcoming season and his thoughts on defensive line coach Kevin Patrick.

Raider Power: First off, your brother, I heard the news about him transferring in. What's your reaction to him coming in and how that all happened?

Hill: I'm very excited he's coming, actually. We've played with each other for most of our lives. Getting to see a familiar face, just having that level of comfort on and off the field... It's going to be a good ride. He'll have to sit out this year, but will get play next year and the one after. 

Raider Power: Sure. With Kaleb coming in it tells me that obviously you have enjoyed your time here. Can you explain that or break down what it's been like since you have been here?

Hill: It's been a good ride, just learning the defense, learning the playbook and everything, getting familiar with Lubbock. I told Kaleb everything that I know. He likes it, so he made the move to come here. Raider Power: Full disclosure: You're one of my biggest reasons for optimism on defense. Can you break down what you bring to the team and some of the strides you've made since you have been here?

Hill: For sure I bring strength. I'm one of the strongest D-linemen we have in our corps. I bring just a different level of getting to the quarterback and stuff like that. Our strength and conditioning is excellent here so I've got more size, more speed, I've gotten stronger.

Raider Power: Really?

Hill: Yeah.

Raider Power: What are you up to now weight wise?

Hill: I'm at 253 right now.

Raider Power: 253? When you got here you were about, what, 240?

Hill: 240, yeah. 

Raider Power: You say you're faster. Do you mean quicker for about 20 yards or what?

Hill: Yeah, I'm quicker off the ball, getting to the quarterback and getting to the ball.

Raider Power: I want to be sure on your position, because I thought you'd be more of the rush backer and Gary Moore would be the strongside defensive end. Is that the case or is it the other way around?

Hill: It's the other way, I'm the end. 

Raider Power: Do you ever flip?

Hill: I mean, we both know what we're doing. If it comes to where we can't get to our strength call or something like that I'll know his job and he'll know mine.

Raider Power: Who else is in the mix at your position, who is doing a good job at end?

Hill: Zach Barnes, him for sure and Lonzell Gilmore.

Raider Power: What has it been like with coach Patrick? What kind of a coach is he?

Hill: He's a very approachable coach. He'll tell you what you're doing wrong, but he's not one of those guys who will get really angry with you all the time. He'll get mad at you and down a little bit, but he'll explain it to you in a way that you understand it. 

Raider Power: You like that kind of coaching?

Hill: Yeah, I like that kind of coaching you know? You come at me and be calm in a way I can understand.

Raider Power: One of the things I've noticed since I have been here is it seems like the defense has to fight the reputation of not being very good. Is that something you feel the team has to fight or is that something you don't pay attention to?

Hill: I don't really pay attention to it. We're just going to go out there and give it our all. I feel like as a defense this offseason helped us out a lot. We're going to bring a different energy then we have in the past.

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