Aycock Ready for Action

Safety Ryan Aycock was the starting strong safety coming out of spring practices, but injuries have kept him sidelined during fall practices. Despite the injuries, Aycock is ready to step onto the field and make a difference.

Ryan Aycock hasn't had the best of luck in the past month, but he should be ready to play when the red Raiders open their season against SMU. "I'll be ready when the season starts. I just had some bad luck here lately," said Aycock. What kind of bad luck are we talking about? It started with a concussion before fall practices started. Once he was cleared to play, Ryan hurt his hamstring. "I kind of strained my hamstring, but it's feeling a lot better right now," said Aycock. Even though his hamstring feels better, the coaches and trainers have decided to delay his return to full contact. "They're just not wanting to throw me in there and hurt it and prolong the injury," said Aycock. "We're just treating it right now, and trying to get in there as soon as I can."

The biggest concern with the injuries is the practice time that Aycock has been missing. Ryan doesn't seem to concerned about it though. "We watched film, I watch it out on the field. I put myself in the play," said Aycock. He seems confident that his knowledge of the new defensive scheme will be more than adequate once the season starts. With both Aycock and Meeks not participating fully in practices, the other safeties have had a chance to get a lot more reps. So far, the results have been good. "Honestly, I'd say all of them have impressed me. For as young as they are, and how they can step up and jump in there and learn different things, and go against the offense that we have," said Aycock. "They pick things up quick. They really impress me by the way that they've caught on to everything so fast."

What's the biggest change on defense this year? "There's honestly a totally different attitude. If you just watch practice, it's totally different from last year," said Aycock. The improvements should be easy to see once the season starts. As for Ryan, he's ready to get onto the field. ". I just look around and I just kind of get chill bumps. I am ready," said Aycock after a practice on the Jones Stadium turf. "Being under the lights right now, kind of gives you that football fever."

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