TTU Commit Dylan Weaver Ready to Start Season

Raider Power caught up with Farmington (NM) Piedra Vista offensive lineman and Texas Tech commitment Dylan Weaver, who is excited to open his season Friday against crosstown rival Farmington High.

The following is a Q&A 6-foot-6, 290-pound Farmington (NM) Piedra Vista offensive tackle Dylan Weaver, who committed to Texas Tech in early June.

Raider Power: First off, we haven't talked to since back when you committed. You were offered in June and committed pretty quickly after. Break down your decision and why you chose Tech so soon after being offered.

Weaver: Well I got offered and I knew that there was limited spots on the offensive line, so once I saw that Casey Verhulst committed I just kind of had to pull the trigger on it. I thought that if I didn't commit to Tech that I'd probably regret it at some point in my life and I didn't want that, so I just did it.

Raider Power: Nice. When did you first hear from Tech?

Weaver: In late April, one of my coaches sent some stuff out and Tech responded and said they were going to come down. I think they came down May 9th the first time, coach [Eric] Morris came down, watched me do some footwork, some agility drills. Then late May coach [Lee] Hays came down and watched us practiced a little bit.

Raider Power: What's your relationship like with coach Hays? 

Weaver: I think he's an awesome dude. I think that he's a guy I want to play for and that's also one of the biggest reasons I chose Tech is that I kind of evaluated the coaches from the different schools that have offered me and coach Hays seems like the man to play for. He's definitely a character and what I like about it.

Raider Power: You also visited pretty soon after committing. How'd the visit go and what stood out for you there?

Weaver: The visit was awesome.I hadn't been to Lubbock since I was a little kid. I got some family there. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, I was a little nervous, but when I went down there everything was great. I was treated well, the school is amazing, the facilities are just completely... it's awesome, it's awesome. It really reassured me and my commitment. 

Raider Power: You mentioned you have some family there. What family do you have in Lubbock?

Weaver: I got my grandma there. I also have a lot of family friends there.

Raider Power: That works out.

Weaver: Yes, sir.

Raider Power: Now I understand after talking to a lot of the other recruits you have a group chat (on twitter). How has that been? How have you gotten along with some of the other commits? 

Weaver: It's pretty interesting (laughs).

Raider Power: (Laughs). That's what I hear.

Weaver: They're all good kids, you know? They're funny. They're a lot like me. I was a little bit nervous at first, but now that I have been committed for a while and am starting to become closer to them I'm starting to see there are some big similarities there. These are some dudes I'd love to have as teammates so it's just getting better and better.

Raider Power: Obviously a really big offensive line class in numbers and talent, just all the way around. What's your thoughts about being apart of this big offensive line class?

Weaver: It's a huge honor and it's a huge privilege because, like you said, these are some of the most talented kids in the country and to be part of that group? That's a pretty big deal for me. It mean when I get up there there's going to be even bigger competition and that's exactly what I'm wanting. I can't complain. 

Raider Power: When Hays visited your school or when you visited Tech did Hays break down how he sees you fitting in and what position you might play?

Weaver: Tackle. 

Raider Power: He sees you at tackle?

Weaver: Yes, sir.

Raider Power: Is that what you play right now?

Weaver: Yes, sir.

Raider Power: What's your current height and weight?

Weaver: 6-foot-6, 290 as of right now.

Raider Power: Nice. Do you have a target weight for when you get to Tech?

Weaver: They haven't told me where they'd like me, but I'm thinking around 300 pounds, try not to get too heavy, becasue they are going to be putting some weight on me, but around 300.

Raider Power: Have you set up your official visit yet?

Weaver: Yeah, I'm going to be coming down for the West Virginia game the Oct. 14th or 15th I believe. 

Raider Power: Excuse for not being more familiar with New Mexico high school football, but I see you're playing Farmington this week. Is that right?

Weaver: This coming Friday, yes sir.

Raider Power: So what does the team look like and obviously it's in the same city. Is that a big rivalry between you two or not?

Weaver: It is a big rivalry. The whole town kind of shuts down for that game. Our team doesn't have as many numbers as we did last year. We have about 40 kids, 30-40 kids altogether on varsity and JV so I'm going to be having to play both ways a lot of the time. But we're mean, we're tough and I think we're the most conditioned team in the state, so I think we'll be fine.

Raider Power: What do you play on defense?

Weaver: Defensive end.

Raider Power: Defensive end, alright. Do you like that? Do you enjoy playing defense as well or is it just a situation where they need you and you're ready to go?

Weaver: I like it, but, you know, it's more of a what can I do for my team thing. It's not my favorite position. 

Raider Power: I'm kind of bouncing around here, but is the West Virginia game the only time you plan on visiting during the season or not?

Weaver: As of right now, but we're thinking of trying to make the OU game, also. 

Raider Power: OK, sweet. Well, is there anything before you start your season or about Tech that you'd like to add?

Weaver: I'm just looking forward to getting out there.

Raider Power: Alright. I really appreciate your time, congratulations on all your success and I look forward to checking in with you as the season unfolds. 

Weaver: Yes, sir.

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