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Texas Tech Week 1 Post Practice Report

A compilation of notes and quotes after Monday's media luncheon press conference and post practice availability with players, including running back Justin Stockton (pictured above).

Fall Camp Wrapped Up

  • Kingsbury on what he accomplished in fall camp: “ That's a pretty broad question. I felt like we developed a really good chemistry, offensively and defensively. We practiced well together. After the first couple of days, there weren't a lot of fights, weren't a lot of guys on the ground. Guys were learning how to practice, taking care of each other. Felt like we really came together as a team, so that was encouraging.”
  • Kingsbury on most improved part of defense: “I think the numbers on the defensive line, last year we asked those guys to play 70, 80 snaps a game, which wasn't fair to them and wasn't great for our defense. Now we'll be able to roll some numbers through there and keep guys fresh, and hopefully that will help them be more effective.”

Confidence Brewing On The O-Line

  • For what it’s worth Tony Morales said that he has been running with the 1's the last four or so practices. Baylen Brown confirmed he has been playing at left guard, next to Terrance Steele at left tackle. Morales also confirmed that he’s 100% healthy despite tweaking his knee if fall camp.
  • Kingsbury: “Yeah, it's a solid group. I think it shows we have a couple bodies that we can slide in there and not skip a beat. So excited about that group. Bigger, stronger, more athletic than we've been, and just have to get some experience.”
  • Tony Morales: “I feel confident in the group. We go out there and work toward being an offensive line. It’s five players but we play as one. We trust Kingsbury and coach Hays that they put players in certain spots that's better for the team. We trust the process.”
  • Mahomes on surprises from the O-line: “There's kind of a six-, seven man rotation. Paul Stawarz has really stepped his game up of being a guy that -- I don't know if he'll start for sure, but he'll be in the mix and have a chance to. And some other guys, like Madison Akamnonu who has really stepped up his game this fall camp, and then Terence Steele has been a really dominant presence out there.”
  • Baylen Brown on Terence Steele: He’s so long. He’s a long player and he’s very strong. He is one of the strongest offensive lineman we have. When you are a tackle you want to be long He has a good punch and is a real smart kid. 
  • Baylen Brown on Madison Akamnonu: He’s big. Ya’ll have seen him, he’s big and he’s strong. He has heavy hands. He’s really smart on the offense too. Those two have really studied the offense this offseason to be ready for this.

Devin Lauderdale Back With A Chip On The Shoulder

  • Kingsbury on Devin Lauderdale:  “It's night and day. The young man I've seen this summer through training camp is a different young man than what we saw previously. I think he got a taste of the real world and he knew what he had lost and didn't ever want to feel that again. So he's been focused. He's been locked down. He's been early to everything. He's been working harder than he's ever worked. So he's had his best camp by far. It's been fun to see. It's been good for those young wide receivers to see the way he's worked, the way he approaches every practice, and I'm very proud of him.”
  • Mahomes on Lauderdale: “ I've seen a lot of maturity. A guy who really came in off a little bit of the suspension, coming in ready to play and ready to prove why he should be here and what he has. And you saw it a little bit with Jakeem last year. A guy that was really out to prove something, and I'm seeing that in Devin Lauderdale this year.”
  • Stockton on Devin Lauderdale:  “Oh it’s great. We have to have 6 back on the field because he’s a dominate player. He’s a hard worker. He’s fast as heck. He can catch. He can block. Just glad to have him back.” He added, “He came back with a totally different attitude. He’s ready to work...I’m happy for him.” 

More Disciplined Defense

  • Note: Justis Nelson is now one of the team captains along with Patrick Mahomes, Baylen Brown and Luke Stice. The team votes for these spots each year. 
  • Justis Nelson on improvements in the defense: “I just think discipline-wise that's the biggest improvement. Guys staying in gaps. Guys being physical, tackling. That's something that we're working on day-in and day-out. So I think those are the biggest improvements. Just like I said, staying in gaps and coming up with a body part. Making sure we don't let any big plays.”
  • Kingsbury on Jordyn Brooks:  Yeah, I think he's just -- John played more of an end-type position there in high school, so still learning the position of linebacker. Jordyn’s been a linebacker his entire life. So I think just some of the instinctive things that he does naturally, he was able to pick up on quickly and slide in there.

My Takeaway

  • After hearing everything that was said about the offensive line and from them they are confident in their starting rotation and the whole rotation overall. The amount of moving some of them had to do seemed beneficial as they are ready for anything that comes to them. The two redshirt freshman seem to make that up for their lack of experience in physical ways. Both Morales and Brown said that Steele and Akamnonu are just physical freaks and they haven't stopped studying the offense this offseason. Every player just seems really ready to get out there on Saturday and show something. 

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