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Texas Tech Week 2 Practice Report

A compilation of notes and quotes after Monday's media luncheon press conference and post practice availability with players, including receiver Jonathan Giles (pictured above).

Offense Vs. SFA Disappointed Kingsbury

  • Kingsbury on what surprised him when he looked at the film: "I just think watching the film really showed me just how loose we were in a lot of areas. From what I've seen in practice, and I'm speaking for the offense right now but what I've seen in practice is very tight, doing things right, doing the little things, and we got away from that in the game. So we've got to tie that back in and play better Saturday."
  • Kingsbury on the blocking problems: :Yeah, both [offensive line and receivers]. Both. Offensive line was soft and then the receiver -- the inside receivers came at some blocks well. Dylan Cantrell, some of the outside guys did some thing, but a couple of those young inside guys, they caught some passes, scored some touchdowns, but they weren't very good blocking."
  • Kingsbury on the receiver's overall play: "Yeah, I think they played okay. Not great on depths of route. Not real sharp on some of those things. I thought a couple of the inside guys weren't very physical blocking. So we're going to get that fixed this week."

 Defense Was Bright Spot Against SFA

  • Kingsbury on Ondre Pipkins and Kolin Hill: "Physicality. I thought early they really were a force in there, jamming up the middle on some of those runs and winning their one-on-one battles and that was good. They are two big, physical tough guys. They play with a chip on their shoulder. They have a lot of football built up after sitting out a year, and I think there's a lot of room for growth, which is encouraging."
  • Pipkins on Gibbs reaction to their performance: "He was pretty excited for the most part. Of course, he wanted, you know, the ball a little bit more, so we got to do a better job of turning the ball over and making plays. And also, just taking advantage of our opportunities, batting balls, disrupting the quarterback, throwing his timing off. That's something we've got to do better. But for the most part, I think Coach Gibbs was pretty excited."

Ondre Pipkins Happy To Be Back In The Game

  • Pipkins: "It felt good to get back out there. It's been awhile. The jitters, of course you have them, but I have my teammates right there beside me, so it felt like it was just another day."
  • Pipkins on playing in the Jones: "It was loud. It was loud. Before I got on the field, I wasn't as nervous. I'm like, okay, I can -- when I got on the field -- they just started roaring, and I was like, oh. my. goodness. It's just a good environment and I'm happy to be a part of it. We have a great fan base and they did a great job Saturday cheering us on."

Wide Receivers Look to Improve 

  • Jonathan Giles on the receivers needing to be more physical: "Most definitely. We watched film yesterday and I watched it again today at home and I feel that’s something as a group we need to get better at. We did a good job of getting bigger and stronger so I feel if we touch upon our techniques we will be fine."
  • Jonathan Giles on the importance of blocking to get playing time: "Most definitely [it will start weeding guys out] because our offense is so spaced out so what makes the running game go is the inside and outside receivers doing there blocking in the run game."
  • Devin Lauderdale on what coach Jones pointed out: "Most people see that we are physical but it wasn’t physical enough for him so he want to see somebody on the ground every play when we are blocking. Just hustle and run to the ball every play so that really what he was stressing."

Prepping for Arizona State

  • Kingsbury on playing a notorious for blitzing: "Not really [worried about it], just because I know what he [Mahomes] can do. We'll get better up front. I know that's coming, and I know what Pat can do versus a blitz or a rush or whatever. So it's good to have a quarterback that can make plays and extend plays. I watched him in the Bowl game and we didn't block anybody the entire game, and still ran around and did his thing."

  • Kingsbury on Arizona State: “Yeah, I think offensively, they have a dual-threat quarterback, very good athlete, they have a great running back. Coach Lindsey, the offensive coordinator, I was a big fan of what he did at Southern Miss and he's doing a good job there. They will be tough to stop. Defensively some really good pass rushers and good secondary. The one corner had a bunch of interceptions last year. It will be a step up in competition that's for sure and we'll have to play well."
  • Kingsbury on Arizona St. D-Line:"They do [have good pieces]. They have guys that can be disruptive, get upfield. Solid in the run game. So it will be a good challenge. From what I saw this past week we are going to have to improve a lot up front.
  • Mahomes on Arizona St: "I think it just kind of depends what defense they are in. They have a really good defensive line. Their pass rushers are really good. But they have a good defense in general. They have a really good scheme. They blitz a lot, try to confuse you. So just me recognizing the blitzes and getting us in the best play would be the best way to go about that."
  • Lauderdale on going to Tempe: “Be focused you know. We are already predicted to lose which put a chip on our shoulder. They were a high ranked team last year so we are just trying to go in and prove something.”  
  • Dylan Cantrell on going to Tempe: “I’ve never been there personally but I have heard a lot of things. Crazy fans, night game under the lights, so it will be fun.”

The Texas vs. Notre Dame Game

  • Kingsbury said that he was watching Narcos season two (on Netflix). 
  • Mahomes did watch it and said, “It was an awesome game. Two really good teams, both teams, quarterbacks, played well, all the quarterbacks in the game. It was exciting to see a high-scoring game with a lot of different changes and momentum.”

My Take: Everybody expects to play better when there is pressure from a more competitive team like Arizona State. There seems to be more motivation this week to work harder and clean up the mistakes. While the depth at receivers is great it seems like it will become more narrow and the more well rounded receivers will rise to the top as the schedule becomes more challenging.


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