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Debacle in the Desert

Notes, quotes, stats and thoughts on Texas Tech's 68-55 loss to Arizona State on Saturday night at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe (Ariz.).

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Game Stats

Team offense

First downs: 28

Net rushing yards: 72

Yards per rush: 3.3

Net passing yards: 540

Total offense: 612

Total plays: 72

Yards per play: 8.2

Fumbles-lost: 1-0

Interceptions thrown: 2-19 yards

Sacks allowed: 2-9 yards

Time of possession: 23:46

Third down conversions: 6 of 13

Fourth down conversions: 1 of 1

Red zone scores-chances: 5-5 TDs 

Team defense

First downs allowed: 34

Rushing yards allowed: 301

Yards per rush allowed: 5.7

Passing yards allowed: 351

Total offense allowed: 652

Total plays: 90

Yards allowed per play: 7.2

Fumbles-recovered: 0-0

Interceptions: 0

Sacks: 0

ASU time of possession: 34:30

3rd down conversions allowed: 9-16

4th down conversions allowed: 2-2

RZ scores-chances allowed: 6-6 TDs

Other/Special Teams

Penalties: 9-94

Punts-yards-avg.: 4-172-43.0

Punt returns-yards: 0-1

Field goals: 0-0

PAT attempts-conversions: 7-8

Kickoffs: 10-648 yards, 2 touchbacks

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Individual offensive leaders

-Passing: Mahomes 38-53-2-5, 540 yards 

-Rushing: Mahomes 11-44-1 TD; Stockton 7-20-TD

-Receiving: Batson 9-148-TD: Giles 9-71-TD; Lauderdale 7-57; Stockton 3-95-TD; Willies 1-59-TD.

Individual defensive leaders

-Brooks 10 tkls, 2 TFL

-Jenkins 8 tkls

-Nguema 7 tkls

-Stice 7 tkls

-Nelson 6 tkls, 2 pass breakups

-Ward 6 tkls

-Polite-Bray 5 tkls, 1TFL

-Johnson 5 tkls, 1 TFL


-ASU's Kalen Ballage tied an NCAA record for most TDs in a single game with 8, 7 of which came on the ground.

-The 68 points scored by ASU was the most  points Texas Tech has ever allowed a non-conference opponent.

-Kingsbury is now 20-20 overall at Tech, 10-17 in the Big 12, 10-3 against non-conference opponents, but just 2-3 against power five non-conference opponents, which means Tech is 12-20 against all power five opponents and 8-0 (4-0 against FCS schools) against others under Kingsbury.

-Saturday's loss and 1-1 record marks the first time since 2004 Tech did NOT open a season 2-0

-Tech failed to force a turnover for the first time in 11 games

-Tech has allowed 44 or more points in 9 of the 15 games since David Gibbs took over as DC

-Tech has allowed 50-plus points in 6 games under Gibbs

-Tech has allowed 60-plus in 4 games (including 70 once) under Gibbs

-Tech has allowed 43.6 points per game through 15 games under Gibbs

-Against its last 7 FBS opponents Tech has allowed 53.9 points per game

Photo By Steven Chapman

Postgame Presser Quotes

"Offensively, defensively this team got outplayed. I'll have to watch the film to see where all of the miscues occurred. There were a lot of mistackles I know that, that is not hard to see." -Kingsbury on my question about the defense's collapse

"As an offense we feel like that every game. No matter what the defense is doing on that side of the ball we feel like every time we are getting out there trying to score. We have faith the defense will make plays. They’re trying to get turnovers, they’re working hard to try to get stops and offensively all we can do is score every time and put them in the best position.” -Mahomes answering my question if he feels like the offense has to score on every possession to win games like this

"It was definitely different coming out here to the west coast, having to get acclimated to the climate because it was pretty hot out there. But it was pretty much the same atmosphere. We knew those fans were going to be loud and crazy so we just had to make plays and when it came down to it sometimes we didn’t.” -Cameron Batson on my question about how the ASU atmosphere compares to Big 12 road games

“I needed to call better plays and we needed to execute better. I don’t think anything surprised us schematically.” -Kingsbury on my question about if ASU did anything different schematically in the second half 

"They make good adjustments. They came out, they put more pressure on me. They tried to disguise their blitzing more, but at the same time as an offense we weren’t doing things we’ve always done. We could tell we were pressing, I especially was pressing trying to make plays happen instead of just taking what they gave me. Credit to them for putting me in that situation, but at the same time we have to execute at a high level as an offense.” -Mahomes answering my question about why the offense sputtered on consecutive drives in the second half 

“No. I think the two interceptions, we were down 10-14, he has to get out of the habit of trying to do it all and get it back on one throw. For the most part I thought he stood in, made some good reads. A couple times I thought he could have held in longer but I thought for the most part he stood his ground.” -Kingsbury on Joe's question about if he saw Mahomes playing more "street ball" against ASU

“It was definitely just a judgment call. I definitely thought they were going to go in the endzone. The punter did a great job getting them sealed down there and those guys went down there and made the play.” -Batson on why he struggled returning punts 

“We are better than what we showed. That was a good team that beat us, gotta give them credit where credit is deserved. They outcoached us, outplayed us, but we really are better than what we showed tonight and we need to show that next week." -Kingsbury on my question asking what he said to the team after the game and how the team moves forward

Our Thoughts

-I feel like Charlie Brown with Lucy holding the football. I thought Tech was really going to kick that football this year, but once again the ball rolls away. -Mighty Joe

-I was shocked the defense played so poorly, especially the defensive line. Tech didn't register a sack on the night and only five tackles for loss and a handful of pass breakups. They just didn't make many plays at all. -Jarret

-It doesn't look like Tech is going to have kind of power element on the ground this year. That means not good on the goal line and not good on short yardage situations. Mahomes is your best ball carrier right now, he brings a heavier load than any back on the roster and that's not good because everytime he runs you risk losing him to injury. -Mighty Joe

-Special teams struggling so mightily it was definitely another shocker to me considering I was so confident in its improvement as late as the last Mailbag. There were some bright spots such as Kevin Moore on kick coverage once again. Yet, the poor field position due to punt fielding decisions by Batson, the missed extra point and the 28-yard punt by Barden were all awful.

*We'll have more thoughts on the game in a video which should be posted late night.

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